Quotespirational Monday 13/06/16 – The times life knew better than we did…

Sometimes it ends up different,
and its better that way.
I tend to not like the unexpected. Be it “surprise” tests in high school, surprise gifts, surprise changes- I tend not to like them. Because all entail the risk of looking like a massive idiot. And so when something ends up being different, its like a “surprise”, bubbling over with the potential for me to do something embarrassing. You would never be able to tell from looking at me. I usually jump straight in, with no regard for my dignity- but still, sometimes more than others, there is that little voice telling you that you either have/ are going to screw up. But I have news: the less you listen to that voice, the more it usually takes itself off to sulk quietly in one corner of your mind, instead of bouncing around up there.
Today I have two examples for you of things going differently to expected, and both working out perfectly well. One is a minor thing, one is a massive thing. One happened to me, one happened to a friend…

This morning I was booked into Pump and Tone for the first time in weeks (exams are held in the sports centre and so the class had been cancelled for a while)- but our instructor was 15 minutes late. Leaving 30 minutes to complete the class, and the suggestion of ‘Do you guys want to do Strength HIIT instead?’. I think I was the only person in the room to go ‘Oooh! Yeah!’, amid unsure grumbles. I can’t say I loved the class, because I wasn’t very good at it. But then I remembered; that’s how I felt about Pump and Tone at first, and that spurred me on to become better at lifting weights- because, quite honestly, I don’t like not being good at stuff. And so part of me is now desperate to work on my HIIT training, and get my burpees down to a ‘T’. It was also pretty refreshing and a shock to my system to try something new. Things worked out better than first expected.
Second example, and a much bigger one. When my friends and I all applied to uni, two of my group applied to study medicine. One got in- the other was rejected by all five of the universities she applied to, and was pretty heartbroken. Results day rolled around, and this friend had actually done excellently. She went through clearing, and came out with the plan of taking a paramedic degree. And you know what? Turns out that she didn’t want to do medicine after all. Being out there in field saving lives was a much better fit for her. Things worked out better than expected in a round-a-bout way.
And so, next time things appear to be going wrong, just take a step back, calm down, and consider this: they could actually be going right, and maybe life knows better than you do. 

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