Quotespirational Monday 23/05/16- What exactly does it mean to "live"?

Do more than just exist

I love this particular quote- but I also know that it’s slightly flawed. I’m about to go all philosophical on you guys- but what exactly is living, as opposed to existing? I have some friends who mark “living” as going out and partying every Friday night drinking with friends. I have other friends who mark “living” as reading books they love, walking, and dancing. I have friends who define it as something different yet again: they see it as doing something to help others, working on charity projects and out reach programmes. Some people class living as all of these things.

The flaw I particularly want to get at in this quote, is that at times it can set people against one another. I could turn around and tell someone that they aren’t “living”, purely because they aren’t enjoying life in the same way that I am.

My personal definition of “living” includes all of the following- this is my perfect “living life” scenario…

Rock climbing
Walking in the morning or in the evening
Drinking coffee in a café and watching the world come to life
Reading- copious amounts of reading
Enjoying the vibe in my favourite bars- even if I decide not to drink on that occasion
Travelling to new places
Taking spontaneous trips
Exploring cities

Meeting friends for brunch or just a good catch up
Cooking myself new and exciting foods
Extreme sports, as well as learning to do pull ups (still not there yet), and taking weights classes
Feeling free to make my own choices

That is just a small snapshot of what I would class as “living”, and not just existing. Some of these things (such as the last) will be most people’s idea of living. You might be surprised (if you’ve never been to this blog before) to not see wild partying on there. That could be your definition of living- to me, waking up with a hangover and losing the opportunity to do the above means that isn’t really worth it. I often get an hour or two into a party, have done a whirlwind tour of socializing, and am ready to leave.

To finish up, I want you to think this week about what “living” means to you- and try to focus on getting those things in. Obviously, I can’t complete my “living” list in one day- I can’t live like that every week, let alone every day. Volunteering, extreme sports, and travel are massive “living” things that I may have to wait a couple of years to do. But when you’re thinking of what you class as “living”, remember that your living may look different to someone else’s; don’t compare them, or tell them (or yourself) that they aren’t doing it right- as long as you are really enjoying what you’re doing, then you are living life

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