Quotespirational Monday 02/05/16

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

Good morning and happy bank holiday everybody! Although, much as a lie-in was nice, I’m hoping that a coffee shop somewhere is willing to open its doors today. So that I can then sit and drink coffee, and write.

Which brings me nicely to the above quote. Writing is something that sets my soul on fire. Be it writing creatively, writing a blog post, a letter, a journal entry…writing is something that makes me feel special, for no apparent reason.

A few weeks ago now I was asked what my hobbies are. And for a moment I was stumped. Because somehow, it occurred to me that I had let a lot of my hobbies fall away, and now no longer knew what they really were. I knew what I used to like doing. I knew that I didn’t do many of those things now. I wrote, but at the same time as being a hobby, it was also to work towards getting a degree. I loved swimming as a child, but over the years it has become too expensive to do regularly- rock climbing has always been expensive.

And so I set out to rediscover some hobbies, and I found myself enjoying this. I began writing again with more frequency, and really putting my attention in to it. Not just to complete a submission, but because I wanted to be proud of it. I began drawing again. Not as frequently, but small doodles. I also found something called “bullet journaling”, which appealed to my organisation skills, and my love of creating attractive layouts on a page.

Around this same time, I went to speak with my personal tutor here at university, to discuss my options for when I  leave next year (terrifying, I know). I am still deciding whether to stay another year, and complete a masters (and I am leaning towards this, if I can afford to stay financially), because learning is something else that sets my soul on fire. I love acquiring new knowledge. But, my personal tutor mentioned entrepreneurial work. Having known me for close to two years now, it had occurred to her that something in this vein might suit me- or, going down the marketing, PR, events management, and business route. I’m still working it out in my head, but that made me excited. More so that a 9-5 job.

This past week or two I have been trying to get a hold on what really does set my soul on fire. And it wasn’t scrolling down a social media feed. For the next week or so I want you to really think about what sets you soul on fire- the things which make you feel happy, or special, or inspired, for a reason you can’t quite pin-point. And then I want you to either do them as often as possible, or chase them every day.


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