Quotespirational Monday 18/04/16

‘If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be’
-Maya Angelou
At certain points in everyone’s life, all they want is to fit in. Even if fitting in is as simple as not feeling anxious and out of place in a room full of strangers. We all want to blend in at some point, to be normal. ‘Ah, but what really is “normal”?’ is an annoying question; we all know what is normal, and at the same time we can’t quite pin-point it. We know, or at least we point out, what isn’t normal. People who “aren’t normal” don’t fit in, they’re different. But if normal is all about fitting a one-size-fits-all, then why do we want it?
When you’re a kid, all you want is friends to play with. And children are very quick to pick up on when people are different to them. And they will very bluntly say that something is different- or, more likely, they question it. Which at some point in your life is likely to have made you feel pretty uncomfortable. People who blend in will never have the fact that they are different pointed out- they can remain in a little bubble of comfort. Normal might allow you to stay within your comfort zone, but it also prevents you from experiencing growth. If you’re allowed to stay in bed all day, masquerading as a blanket burrito, then you’re hardly likely to go out into the world and risk being caught in a shower. If you always try to be normal, then although you remove yourself from uncomfortable situations, you rob also yourself of what makes you unique.
The point of this Quotespirational Monday is to say this: today embrace being you. Stop trying to “fit in”. I’m not saying run around the city centre naked in an attempt to capture “what isn’t normal”. But I am telling you to embrace what makes you different, because although it may not allow you to be normal, it enables you to be amazing.


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