March 2016 Favourites

Geisha, by Liza Dalby 
 Amongst university work this has taken me nearly a month to finish (which says how much uni work I have), but I have enjoyed every single chapter. I mentioned on my IG that I have a bit of an obsession with geisha and Japanese culture. This is a comprehensive guide to geisha culture and history, written by the only American woman to ever have become a geisha. Liza Dalby is an anthropology student who went to study geisha and really get to know the flower and willow world, and her writing takes you into this world like no other book on geisha can.
Game of Thrones (box set)
 It’s taken me a while, but I finally got talked into sitting down and watching GoT. And I then spent two days watching it non-stop with copious amounts of popcorn. I’m currently on season three, and planning on reaching five before heading back to uni… 
Sushi Ginger
This is thinly sliced, pickled ginger. It’s usually used in sushi making, but I’ve been adding it to salads, stir frys, sweet potato mash… 
Nourish, Leeds
It was time to try somewhere other than pret, and this healthy food joint is a source of tough competition. It sells a range of topped sweet potatoes, wraps, sandwiches, soup, salads, and sweet treats- as well as smoothies, and freshly made nut milks. Give the vanilla almond milk a go.
 This is a big love of mine right now. Propercorn make some amazing flavours, like Tomato and Worcestershire, or Almond and Peanut Butter. 
Frill Chocolate Frozen Smoothie
Possibly my favourite item in the food favourites this month. Frill is an amazing frozen smoothie brand, and the chocolate flavour is creamy, intensely cocoa-y, and rich. It’s higher in fibre than regular ice cream, and lower in sugar, with the sweetness coming primarily from dates. I have a full review of this amazing product coming soon, which I’m very excited to share with you, and so won’t give too much information away now! 
Health & Beauty
Lonsdale Weightlifting Gloves
 These, I have to say, make me feel the part in the gym. I love them to pieces, and they’re the first thing to go into my gym bag. Since I’ve started lifting weights consistently they stop my hands getting too torn up when I’m pretending to be a body builder.

Stairs Machine
 Another gym favourite. I love the stairs machine because it allows me to change it up from the treadmill. And I also like being able to watch the entire gym floor from how high up I am.
Radox Herbal Blend Bath Salts
Perfect for post-gym. These are great when I don’t necessarily want bubbles, but do want to relax my muscles. They’re also super cheap in Asda.
LUSH Green Bubbleroon
And for when I do want bubbles, something that smells like cut grass and produces silky bubbles is the order of the day. 
Song- Teenage Icon
Because a bit of nostalgic music never hurt anyone
Instagram- nourishandeat
When IG introduced their new policy, this was the first account I made sure I signed up to receive notifications for. A body positivity warrior, ED survivor, and self-love advocate, you NEED to add her to your IG feed. Her posts are the highlight of my scroll down IG.
Podcasts- FearlessRebelleRadio
Podcasts are something I’ve gotten into in a really big way recently. I tend to listen to them on a Saturday morning while I eat my breakfast, and this month FearlessRebelleRadio is the favourite.
YouTube- TED Talks
These videos are for when I want something more motivational/educational. There is so much on this channel to explore, and it’s an easy way to access a wealth of knowledge. The speakers present their ideas in a highly engaging way, and I can’t speak highly enough of it.

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