Quotespirational Monday 28/03/16

Whatever is good for the soul,
do that.
This past week I (finally) discovered Game of Thrones. I know, I’m a little late on this one. But when you don’t have HBO or Netflix it isn’t that easy. I came home this Easter, and after much wheedling from my younger brother, put the first disk of series one into the DVD player, sat on my sofa- and literally stayed there all day. And over two days I got through series one, the beginning of series two, and a sh*t load of popcorn. I also decided to hero-worship Daenerys and Arya, develop a deep seated desire to slap Joffrey in the face, adopt a dragon and a direwolf if the opportunity was ever to present itself, and fall in love with both Gendry and John Snow. 
You’re probably wondering what the point of all this is. Well, here it is: I spent two days sat on my arse, gym-dodging, and watching GoT. And you know what? I felt better for it. Because we sometimes forget that though health is in part physical, it’s also emotional and mental. And doing things that are good for the soul are of the upmost importance.
It’s only a mini-task this week. I want you to write a list of at least 10 things that are good for your soul, and then try to do some of them. I do understand how odd “things that are good for the soul” may sound, but just humour me, and try it. My list is as follows…
10 Things That Are Good For My Soul:
  1. Watching GoT with popcorn
  2. A hot bath, with a book
  3. A lie in
  4. Ice cream straight from the tub
  5. Noodles
  6. A walk, short or long, so long as I’m outdoors
  7. Reading poetry out loud
  8. Listening to podcasts
  9. Sitting with a book I really enjoy, and not moving for at least two hours
  10. Laughing with someone


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