Quotespirational Monday 21/03/16

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught you what you need to know
-Pema Chodon-
Until a few days ago I had never heard this quote. In all of my life so far. Which is pretty surprising when you think about it, because its an amazing quote- and I spend a lot of time looking for amazing quotes.
In my short nineteen years, I have learnt a fair few things (maths not being one of them). There are still things I am learning. There are situations that I wish would go away, but in the light of this quote, are probably meant to be teaching me something important. Lets take a look at some of things I’ve learnt/ am learning- perhaps some of them resonate with you…
  1. Alone is different to lonely-  I do understand lonely, but I also understand the value of being alone. Because being lonely did teach me the difference. It forced me to be independent, and  learn to love my own company. I have no issue taking myself out for lunch or coffee, or shopping, or studying, or day tripping by myself. Learning to be alone made me okay with me, and that in turn lead to my being more confident, and ultimately being less lonely.
  2. Be patient (still working on this one)- Patience is something I really struggle with. If something isn’t working, instead of waiting a while to see if anything changes, I will change everything. In workouts, revision, skincare…it’s something that now I’m aware of, I will be trying to learn from.
  3. Don’t let yourself get sucked into a repeated cycle (still working on this one too)- This links to the patience bit. I often get sucked into a little impatient cycle, where I change something because it’s not working, and then because that doesn’t work, I change something else, and so the cycle goes on and on, as cycles tend to.
How about one more light hearted lesson…
  1. Never ever go with the trends, just because they are trends. When thin eyebrows were a thing, I took a razor to the monobrow area. It wasn’t as bad as Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, but it was close. I also used to rope my mum into helping me straighten my (naturally curly) hair nearly every day. Until my hairdresser changed and my new hairdresser told me I needed at least a few inches off due to over-straightening. By the time my eyebrows has grown back in, I understood that following trends was not for me: I left blocking out my lips with concealer and ratty extensions to the fashion conscious.

Basically, this week, bare in mind that anything you’re finding difficult right now is probably life desperately trying to teach you something without punching you in the face. If it helps write down three situations you are in, or three things you don’t like about where you are right now, and try to tease out what the lesson could be. Have you learnt that lesson sufficiently? If you have, then it’s time to start moving on.


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