Quotespirational Monday 14/03/16

Never Love Anyone Who Treats You Like You Are Ordinary
-Oscar Wilde-
This week we’re welcoming back Monday with some words from one of my favourite writers: Oscar Wilde. Wilde was an incredible man, and if you haven’t already, then you should go and read Dorian Grey my friend. But today we aren’t so much focusing on his literary achievements, but his words of wisdom.
Take a good look at the above words, and then think about the people in your life. These words work two ways: if someone treats you like you’re “ordinary”, then that may not be so great for you personally. But how do you treat the people in your life as well?
 Those we love being around are usually those that we feel listen to us. The people that we know are really hearing the words we say: there is a difference between mindlessly taking in what those around us say, and actually hearing them. The latter is when you listen, not to respond, but to understand. I feel as if the people I love the most are the ones I try and listen to, and that listen to me. When you treat someone as if what they say matters, you’re sending the message that they aren’t ordinary, but special to you. This can apply to family and friends as well as partners. How else can you treat someone as if they’re more than ordinary? Complement them. Notice the little things they do. Notice when they’re sad, or happy, or low, or nervous. Try and remember what they say. Surprise them occasionally.
What can this mean with regards to yourself though? Well, it means don’t just “settle”. Everyone has flaws, but there is a difference between having flaws (I get hangry frequently, I am crap at answering texts and personal emails, and I often get snappy on less than 9 hours sleep), and exhibiting a lack of respect . Find someone who treats you as if you matter, avoid those who don’t. Find people who treat you with respect- be those people friends or lovers. Don’t be a doormat.
You’ve probably guessed what I’ll be challenging you to do by now. This week have a go at letting your friends/family/partner know that they aren’t ordinary, but extraordinary. And while you’re at it, don’t let anyone treat you as if you aren’t amazing either.


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