February Favourites 2016

Pump & Tone Gym Class- My favourite class that my gym provide. 45 minutes of weights with a music track for each of: chest, back, triceps, squats, lunges. This is how I kick off my Monday morning, and right now I am love with it
Flowers in mug- A quick and simple way to make your room look a little more like a Pinterest board
In Our Time, BBC Radio 4 Podcasts- I began using these to gain knowledge for one of my uni modules, on Romantic writers in Britain during the French Revolution, and have since been using it every week. I now also have a list of podcasts on non-uni related topics I want to listen to
Emma, by Jane Austen- This is a book I’ll be using for an independent research project at uni, and though only 4000 words, choosing this text means I get to spend some more quality time with one of my favourite authors…

Physical, by Andrew McMillan– Again, this is a favourite writer (more recent than Austen) who I’ve chosen to focus on for uni. Andrew is a poet, and possible one of the best poets I’ve ever had the luck to come across; his work is focused on the body, specifically the male body, and has been described as ‘unfashionably honest’. Just my kind of reading then.


Sourdough- This is my current favourite sort of bread, and so I am going through it like crazy
Pret a Manger Chocolate Chip Cookie- Tried this at the beginning of the month, and I cant believe I haven’t had one before
Overnight Oats- As I’m taking a regular Monday morning gym class, I need a breakfast I can throw into my bag for after my shower, and before I get stuck into working for the day. These solve that problem perfectly, and you’ll find several recipes for them on this blog.
Popcorn- My student’s union has recently brought out the Metcalfe’s Skinny Salted popcorn, and I am a sucker for savoury, salty popcorn.
Square Roots- This is a stall regularly present at the Tynemouth market, and they make vegetable based cakes. Try their parsnip and cinnamon cake, or their date scone.
Tofu- Yes, I have rediscovered my love of tofu; bake it, scramble it, or add it to soups in chunks.

Oatcakes- When I get peckish in the evening (and believe me, I always do) these are what I reach for.




Pukka Night-time Tea- You’ll usually find me dipping oatcakes into this. I have no idea what magical herbal concoction this actually is, but just the smell of it tells me its time to start winding down.

Beauty & Body Care
Duac- It’s no secret my skin is being a bit of a bugger at the moment, but I know it would be a lot worse if it weren’t for this acne treatment my doctor (whose speciality is incidentally dermatology) prescribed me. It contains something to un-bung the pores, and then an antiseptic to help with inflammation too.
Tea Tree Oil- Seen as Duac is a night time treatment I use either this, or the following product, to spot treat during the day.
Soap & Glory Dr Spot Gel- One of the best spot creams on the high-street; only downsides are that make up doesn’t apply too well over it, and it is pretty pricy compared to tea tree oil.
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt- This has been my favourite perfume since it was released last year, and the love is still going strong. I’m trying to make it last, but as I wear it every day I’m fighting a losing battle there.
Men’s Shower Gels- Specifically Lynx Excite, and Nivea Sensitive. I don’t know what it is about them, but I much prefer them to super girly scents.

YouTube: Lavendaire. I have literally just found this YouTuber in the past few days, but now have quite the stock of her videos on my Watch Later Playlist.
Blog: Viviannadoesmakeup. Vivianna posts regularly on her blog, and so there’s usually plenty for me to read. Currently I’m loving her fitness files and organisation videos, as I’m not really much of a makeup person beyond concealer and my eyebrows.

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