Quotespirational Monday 22/02/16

Rise up and Attack Each Day With
This is your Monday morning reminder that although it’s Monday, you’ve got this. It being Monday doesn’t automatically mean that you have to lack enthusiasm. I know its kind of a popular thing to hate Mondays, but Monday means a new week. It means a chance to spend another week enjoying life. Admittedly, I have a bit of head start on this one, because I am morning person- at the time of publishing this post I’ve already been up three hours. On the flip side I’m pretty much asleep by 8pm. On Monday mornings I have recently started taking a Pump and Tone (weights) class, and although those first five minutes of getting up in the winter half-light are pretty grim, once I’m awake I’m rearing to go. Because I have something that I enjoy to kick off my week. This week’s Quotespirational Monday challenge is a pretty simple one, but it could help you each and every day…

First thing: for every morning of this week, I want you to think of something that makes you so enthusiastic, you want to get out of bed. It can be something as simple as scrapping the workout you hate, and instead doing yoga. Or booking a class that makes you excited. I scrapped my self-planned workouts last week for two days out of three, and booked some new classes to boost my enthusiasm levels. It can be as simple as planning to make your favourite breakfast. To go for a coffee and read for a bit at some point during the day. To meet with a friend and catch up. If you go at a day with enthusiasm then I feel as if the day gives back to you: if you are relentless in your enthusiasm, however quiet it is, then good things might just happen. Think about it: if you’re enthusiastic about something, then no matter how many set backs you come across, how many bad days you have, it drives you forwards. Little things that make you enthusiastic add up to the big picture.

Second thing: give anything you do, everything you have. You don’t have to jump up and down and talk about how you’re soooo excited for what you’re doing. You might not, usually, be so enthusiastic about doing it (e.g. 9am lectures, your research project proposal, writing an essay, giving a presentation…). Just try and give it your all though. Attack that challenge with enthusiasm, and suddenly it wont seem so bad. If you go into something with a negative mind-set, it often makes the situation worse. Hence, if you go into a day with a negative mind-set, chances are it won’t be a fantastic day.

So what makes you enthusiastic? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?


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