February’s Salad: Chicken, Apple, Kale & Quinoa

It’s finally time for February’s seasonal salad post. Although it’s pretty late in the month these ingredients are still in season. Chicken, apples, kale are the stars of the salad. Steaming the chicken breast keeps the moisture locked in, roasting the apple releases their sweetness, the quinoa cooks quickly in a pan, and the kale can be whacked into the microwave. Toss everything together, whip up a four ingredient dressing, and you’re ready to go…

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • 1 large apple
  • 1 small-medium chicken breast (approx. 100-150g)
  • 1/4 cup quinoa + 1cup boiling water
  • 1 large handful kale
  • Black pepper, salt, Italian or mixed herbs
  • 1tsp wholegrain mustard, 1/2tbsp boiled water, 1/4 small lemon, 1tsp honey


  • Preheat the oven to 190*c, and place the chicken onto a piece of foil, large enough to make a parcel with. Season the chicken with the salt, pepper, and herbs. Now, loosely wrap the foil into a parcel around the chicken, and whack it into the oven for 35 minutes.
  • With 15 minutes to go chop up the apple into large chunks, and then throw them into the oven as well. Allow to roast.
  • With 10 minutes remaining place the quinoa into a pan with the freshly boiled water, and bring to the boil once more. Turn this down to a simmer and then leave for 15 minutes, until all of the water has been absorbed.
  • When the chicken and apple chunks are ready place to one side, and allow the chicken to rest for five minutes while the quinoa finishes cooking.
  • Microwave your kale, and then stir into the quinoa, along with the apple. Plate up, and top with the chicken breast.
  • Finally, add 1/2tbsp boiling waterΒ to the lemon, honey, and mustard before stirring to form a quick and easy dressing. Drizzle it over the salad, and dig in…

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