Quotespirational Monday 15/02/16

‘The best advice I’ve ever received is: 
No one else knows what they’re doing either’
-Ricky Gervais  
I have friends who have looked me straight in the eye and gone “You have your shit together. You’re organised. You know what you’re doing. I wish I did’. And to be honest, I have to laugh. Because being organised and knowing what I’m doing on a grander scale are two very different things.
If you’re feeling a bit lost and wondering how everyone else seems to be doing so well, don’t sweat it.
Because I’ll let you into a secret: I am organised (that’s not the secret), but I have no clue what I’m doing half the time. I bumble about, in an organised manner, and hope that following my gut whilst remaining organised will help me figure out what I’m doing on a grander scale. And so far it hasn’t seen me wrong.  
I feel as if sometimes we worry way too much about what other people are doing, how other people see us, and if we appear, to those people, to have a plan of action we are rigidly and dedicatedly following, with a goal at the end of it. This is especially poignant if you’re at uni, and people are throwing careers options and asking you to plan ten years ahead now that you’re in second year. And the impression this gives you can be something along the lines of…

Crap. Everyone knows what they’re doing. Why don’t I? What if I end up working at McDonalds? How does everyone know what they’re doing? Maybe I could become a teacher. No, wait. I can’t cope with kids. Why didn’t I do a medicine degree?? Shit, now the lecturer is looking at me. Ah, yeah, that’s because I’ve been muttering to myself…Right, focus. Focus on the lecture; we’ll discuss this later…
And so on and so forth. Truth is, however old you are, it’s okay to not know what you’re doing, or have a major long term goal. If you do, then good for you- here’s a pat on the head, now pipe down. But everyone else: it is genuinely okay. I used to think that the older I got, the more I would know what I was doing. And I’ll say something I don’t often say unless forced right now: I was wrong. Whatever age you are, take comfort in the fact that most of us are just bumbling along, trying our best to enjoy life and figure out what we want in the short term (usually just what we want to eat for tea, to be honest). And if I’m wrong about that, then take comfort in the knowledge that at least I am bumbling around with you.

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