34 No-Bra-Day Activities

This post is probably going to be waaay less kinky than you were hoping for when you clicked on it. But basically, for us women, no bra days are the epitome of chill out days. The I-don’t-give-a-crap days. The sofa, pjs, and “me time” days. And far from being x-rated, this post is a whole bunch of activity ideas for you to enjoy on chill out days. If you’re a guy, then congrats, I guess every day is “no bra day”- or, I don’t know, wear a bra if you want to. Then take it off. Just to get into the spirit of things. If you want to wear a bra, then do. Boob freedom is totally optional (yay for choices!). Grab a friend, a dog, cat, or just yourself, and pick out your favourites. And then let me know what you like to do on your slob days down below…

  1. Of course, first things first, comfy clothes. Pjs, no bra (or bra, its just a blog post title designed to reel you in), fuzzy socks, blanket…
  2. Make your favourite breakfast- pancakes with nutella or bacon and syrup (my brother’s favourite when he has a no bra day), or porridge with loads of colourful fruit, or PB and J/banana sandwich, or baked oatmeal, or a full English, or avocado on toast (with garlic mushrooms)…
  3. Light some candles
  4. Get together your favourite films- ones you haven’t watched for ages, or childhood favourite, or one to give  you a good laugh…
  5. Or get lost in a box set.
  6. In fact, why not make a home cinema? Grab some jam jars and fill them with fairy lights, then switch off the main lights, get yourself some popcorn/cinema snacks, and switch on your film. Alternatively, use these jar-jam lights to furnish idea No.25…
  7. Grab a good book
  8. Bake some cookies. Or cake. Or muffins- whatever floats your boat.
  9. Take a loooong bath with plenty of bubbles. Give yourself a good pampering: wash your hair, scrub with an exfoliator, shave if you want to (I know, winter…it goes out the window). Or…
  10. Take an aromatherapy shower. Add a few drops of lavender, or any other essential oil, to the end of the bath you will NOT BE STANDING ON (lets not make this a casualty day as well) and set some steamy torrents of water running. Instant calm…
  11. Do some sketching or colouring
  12. Watch one of those documentaries BBC3 and Channel4 put out- the ones about being a man/woman/both in Britain today. Or the ones on teenage drag queens. Or gypsies. Or really bad tattoos. These documentaries are actually my guilty pleasures.
  13. Write in a journal, or make a visual journal/scrapbook.
  14. Grab a jar, write down your favourite memories on little scraps of paper, throw them in, seal, and hide for a rainy day
  15. Mani-pedi. Or if nail varnish isn’t usually your thing (I can never wait for it to dry)…
  16. Foot massage. This definitely is my thing. I use palmers cocoa butter, and give my feet a good rub. Instant ‘ahhhhhhhhh’.
  17. Pinterest. Recipes, hairstyles, book reviews, quotes, my future home…
  18. Write a speech to be read when you manage to conquer the world.
  19. Make a collage of all of your favourite photos. Make sure you get some drunken ones on there.
  20. Get caught up with your favourite YouTubers. Make a playlist specifically for today.
  21. Or alternatively, have a day out of social media. Turn off the laptop and phone, and enjoy being in your personal bubble.
  22. Drink copious amount of tea. Loose leaf cherry green tea is my current favourite.
  23. Make a list of recipes you want to try. You can do this online, but I actually love flicking through recipe books. Real, paper, books.
  24. Speaking of books, and having already mentioned books you really read…if books aren’t your thing, then grab a stack of magazines.
  25. Build a blanket fort. And refuse to let your mother/brother/father take it down for at least 24 hours.
  26. Dance to a happy playlist
  27. Steam facial and face pack. Get yourself a bowl of hot water, just boiled, and towel. CAREFULLY put the towel over the back of your head, over the bowl. Like a little cave. Let your face steam for about 1 minute. Then exfoliate, whack on a facepack, and chill out.
  28. Make a list of things that make you happy: bubbles, cups of coffee, the feeling of grass between your toes…
  29. Make a list of the random gifts you want to give your friends and family. I love planning out what I’m going to get people, because I actually prefer giving gifts to the awkward do-I-look-grateful-enough procedure of receiving them…
  30. Or make a virtual window shopping wish list. I love looking at things I can’t afford to buy. Especially if it on Not On The HighStreet.
  31. If you have one, get out an old games console. We have a PS1 and PS2 somewhere, plus plenty of Spyro games, which were always what I went for. Instant nostalgia.
  32. Meditate. I love the free meditation sessions on the Calm app. But I’m too cheap to fork out for the full range of activities. The 7 Days of Mindfulness is amazing, and free.
  33. Cook your favourite meal, and savour every single mouthful.
  34. Fill your bed with hot water bottles and jump on in (this is a great one if you’re a student, synonymous with living in a freezing house/flat).

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