Quotespiratonal Monday 18/01/16

‘Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted’
-John Lennon
How many occasions have you spent the whole day “doing nothing”, enjoyed it- and then thought at the end of the day “Ah. I should have been doing X/Y/Z”. Or how many times have you felt guilty for not doing what you planned, and instead doing something random and unproductive? I love being productive, and ticking off my To Do List- and most days I have a list of thing I need to get done, or I would be getting no closer to where I want to be in life. BUT…
However much it can be annoying to not have a satisfied, “I’ve been majorly productive” feeling at the end of the day, sometimes the days you waste time provide a different kind of satisfaction. This week just gone I (finally) finished writing, editing, and footnoting two 3000 word essays, and a 12 poem portfolio and self-reflexive commentary due at uni. I had worked on these all over Christmas, and handing them in was such a relief. But being productive over Christmas meant that I hadn’t been able to “waste” a lot of time. Inbetween uni work, the gym, and Christmas plans, I hadn’t had the space for any spontaneity. I had had few lie ins, few lazy afternoons, few sitting-with-a-hot-drink-and-gazing-into-empty-space moments.
On Saturday I came home for the little gap I have before my lectures start up again, and whilst I do have some reading to do, I also have some free time. Time to waste. Time to lie in, and then go for a short walk in the snow instead of going to the gym, eat a big roast with my family, play Cards Against Humanity, sit and flick through Pinterest, cuddle my dog. Tomorrow (I am writing this on a Sunday) I have the intention of going to the gym early- but for the rest of the day my mum and I are planning on whapping out our old PS1 and wasting some time on Spryro. This little break I have at home, I want to waste as much time on books and writing and cooking and daydreaming as possible. I want to make pancakes with my brother instead of going to the gym, sit around and watch crappy TV or simply chat with my family instead of reading something intelligent. And thinking about it, I have a list of time wasting activities I want to do this year- because as long as I’m enjoying myself none of it can be a waste of my time.
Much as you may want to be constantly productive, leaving no time to just go with the flow, and effectively “waste time” can be completely and utterly counter-productive. Because much as that To Do List is getting you to where you want to be in life, life is also lazing around with friends in the summer sun, or sitting in a coffee shop with them for hours- just enjoying their company (or maybe just enjoying your own company). It’s letting life happen. So don’t feel bad about time you waste- as long as its been doing something you enjoy, not a single second has really been wasted.

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