Newcastle Eateries You Need To Try…

All day brunches with a student discount are pretty much the only reasons you need to visit this quirky- cool spot. Chilled atmosphere, friendly staff, and (of course) amazing food. Try the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on sourdough, the sticky toffee pudding (if its the dessert of the day), the natural smoked haddock with poached eggs, and the sweet potato fries. Ernest also do music nights and film nights, plus daily specials in the way of salads, soups, and desserts.
Naked Deli
If you’re on the vegan/veggie/paleo/clean bandwagon- or just want DELICIOUS raw cakes, smoothies and pre-packed lunches, then head to the Naked Deli stand in Fenwicks. If you can get to the flagship deli in Heaton then go, but this is still a great option if you’re in the centre of town. Try the raw snickers bar, or the raw carrot cake.
The Scrumpy Willow
Veggie, vegan, and omnivore food, lovely juices, coffees and teas. This is also a great option for non-raw veggie and vegan cakes, such as cupcakes, or scones. Omnivores can head here too, as they make a great full English, BLT, and also offer fish dishes. It’s relaxed, quiet, and the perfect solo breakfast spot. Try the soup with homemade bread, anything with poached eggs, the veggie breakfast, baked beans on toast, or the sardines on toast- all homemade. I head here when I need a hangover brunch, or a quiet spot to do some course reading, but also eat something delicious at the same time.
A favourite with Newcastle Uni’s student population, as it’s on the doorstep of our campus. Serving tea, cake, lunches (including stotties), and also breakfasts. Quilliam’s is open until 1am, and so makes for a perfect late night library sesh wind-down. Especially once the fairylights are turned on. They also have a cinema room downstairs with bean bags- do not turn down the opportunity to go at least once. Try: Nutella and banana pancakes, peanut butter brownie, chocolate banana cake (vegan), iced latte, snowdrop tea, and the salads.
This Italian restaurant is just up from the quayside, so if you want to see the bridge lit up at night then head here for food first. It’s pretty affordable if you’re going for pizza or pasta, and is great for a family meal. Try: any of the pizzas. My favourites are the Isolana (tuna based) or Del Campo (vegetable based)
The Fat Hippo Underground
This is a post-exam celebration spot to head with friends. Think huge, juicy burgers, fries, and hands that will never be clean again. Try: the spicy bean burger, sweet potato fries, naughty shakes (go for the It’s Not Terry’s)
Cake Stories
Slightly further out, being in West Jesmond, but still only a 15-20 minute walk from Newcastle University campus. This little tearoom has light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, a mish mash of different cosy arm chairs, and a classy afternoon-tea feel without being too all-out cute. Try: Rooibos tea, cupcakes, the salted caramel brownie, the iced coffee.
A penguin themed fro-yo bar. What more do I need in my life? They also sell milkshakes of pretty much every flavour imaginable, and there is an array of toppings for your chosen flavour of frozen yoghurt. Go if only to see all of the penguins. Try: Fro-Yo on a summer’s day of course!
Brownie Bar


Located in Eldon Square, this is THE place to soothe a brownie craving. I spent more time than I should have here with a brownie and a cappuccino last year. Alongside more brownie flavours than is safe to be around, they do a monthly special. They also do amazing milkshakes apparently, and jars of mix to prepare your own brownies. Try: Maple-Pecan brownie, Nutella brownie, Salted Caramel Brownie, The Corker Cookie (cookie with a brownie in the centre).
Tea Sutra


This boho tea room and veggie/vegan eatery is located above Magic Box on Leazes Park Road, and believe me: it is like walking into a different world. One where they give you teapots shaped like camels and elephants, or if not this then a see-through pot, so you can get the most out of anything containing rose buds. Try: the hummus and veggie wrap, the raw chocolates.


BONUS: Where To Drink

The Botanist
A classy drinks spot by monument, the giant treehouse forming the bar and dome of fairy lights are a great way to start out the night. Then come the brilliantly coloured, fresh and flower/fruit based cocktails. Violet and Aramanth, or a Watermelon Sling are my recommendations- though for anyone going teetotal there are also non-alcoholic drinks that sound just as delicious (a rarity when it comes to drinks out I find- most places having a limit of a Virgin Mary or a No-jito)
Less classy and more fun than the above, the two-for-one deals on certain nights are a major selling point for this place (as is heated outdoor seating). Home to the infamous Cookie Monster Cocktail. And yes, it does taste like cookies. My personal choices would be In Love With The Coco (coconut and chocolate|), an English Garden Martini, Alco-ccino, or a Perfect Stormy Mojito.

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