Quotespirational Monday 11/01/16

‘Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful’
– Richelle E. Goodrich
Let me tell you all something about beautiful: someone can be beautiful, and I can point-blank hate their guts. Usually because: 
they aren’t a very nice person.
People who wouldn’t look out of place on one of those massive makeup adverts in all of the department stores, yet don’t hold the door (for ANY of the sexes), push, queue jump, look at you like a piece of shit, laugh at other people behind their backs, don’t let old ladies off of the bus first, make sexist/racist/homophobic jokes? I have no time for them. Those things ruin any Neutrogena advert appropriate, perfectly symmetrical face, framed with Herbal Essences hair.
I am usually in the company of someone beautiful. All of my friends, without exception, are stunners. One of them is actually modelling now, for Christ’s sake. But they are also all lovely. They are also intelligent, or funny, or kind, or creative- or all of these things. You know what one of the most beautiful things one of my friends has ever done is? She bought me a basil plant when mine was dying. You know what is probably one of the kindest, and therefore most beautiful, things I have ever done is? When someone one friend wearing spikey heels accidently stood on my other friend’s foot at a house party, I said friend a (probably very awful) foot massage.
A pretty face only buys you so much time when making friends. You then have to actually have a personality. I may have awful spots at times. I may have calves that are out of proportion with the rest of my body (and unfortunately not in the long, leggy way). My hair may go from fairly manageable to toilet brush in point five of a second when it rains- but at least I don’t have the personality of a toilet brush to match.
The most beautiful thing you can be to someone is kind. How you treat people is something that they never forget. So, if this week you’re feeling simply hideous, then just open the door for someone. Offer to let someone off of the bus before you. Bake a cake and force your flatmates to eat it. Just do something kind and genuinely mean it, then know that just took you from a ‘3’ to a ’10’ in my book.

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