My 2016: My Bucket List

Welcome to a small portion of my bucket list for this year (which I mentioned in my post on resolutions vs. goals, right here: ). The list is much, much longer than this and still growing, but enjoy this little snippet I’m giving you, and I hope you maybe get some ideas for your own bucket list. Anything you think I should add to my bucket list for 2016? Let me know below in the comments…


Learn to love myself more
Visit London again, and…
Go to Camden Market, and…
Primrose Hill, and…
Ride on the London Eye
Visit Durham
Go rock climbing more often (aiming for once a month, so that’s 12 times this year)
Move into the house I found with three of my friends for next year, and decorate our living room with bunting and fairy lights and a wall of hotties
Go to a LUSH spa
Arrange another work experience placement
Eat at Naked Deli in Heaton
Get my second Pandora ring
Go on solo cinema trips
Go for a picnic at Jesmond Dene
Learn how to do a headstand (crow pose achieved, this is next, then its scorpion time!)
Write hand written letters to people
Give select friends random gifts
Go for a bike ride some where beautiful
Go to a food festival/show
Make my own almond (or any other nut) milk
Write a letter to myΒ past self
Go to The Forbidden Corner
Write a letter to my future self
Get a strip of photobooth photos with each of my favourite people
Buy a bonsai tree
Wear vintage style makeup (cat eye flick andΒ scarlet lips anyone?)
Reach squatting with a barbell of 40kg (this may be increased if I reach it)
Go star-gazing

One thought on “My 2016: My Bucket List

  1. I sent a letter (email) to my future wife that arrived on our wedding day, it was a little bit of calm in the wonderful madness of the day, you can send an email to your future self using this website
    You can also send random presents to random people and get one back too, I did this last year and it was great, I enjoyed opening a curated gift from a stranger

    I hope you have fun checking out these websites and that you achieve your dreams in twenty sixteen.

    Happy new year



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