Quotespirational Monday 04/01/16

‘Run from what’s comfortable.
 Forget safety.
 Live where you fear to live.
 Destroy your reputation.
Be Notorious’
The first Quotespirational Monday of 2016 guys! I chose this quote for two reasons:
1) I’ve recently discovered Rumi quotes
2) It’s January, and this quote is about pushing boundaries, and I’ll bet that’s what a few of you will be doing right now.
New Years, for so many of us, is about making some changes, or having a new goal that scares us- just a little bit. And that’s no bad thing. If something scares you a bit, then its probably a good idea to try.
If we stayed where we felt comfortable all our lives then nothing would ever change. Maybe where we are feels safe right now: you might hate your partner/job/current weight/place you live- but it feels safe because you’re known it so long. It’s too safe, if you get my gist. More like being stuck in a rut than comforting.
 A bit of fear is a good thing. The reputation you have now is built upon all the decisions you’ve made up until now, and if you want to change, then you will as a result be changing your reputation. Go the whole hog: rip your reputation to shreds, burnt it, shove it in the blender…whatever it takes to reach those goals you desperately want to achieve. My reputation currently is probably as “the healthy one”. This is not a bad thing at all, but at the same time, this year I want to relax that a bit, and find new ways of being healthy- not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. And maybe that will mean destroying my current reputation just a little bit. And that’s scary. But I also like the idea of being notorious (for all the right reasons).
So, whatever you want to achieve this January, do as Rumi suggests, and do it with passion. If you’re scared sometimes then that’s okay. Maybe don’t even ‘run from the comfortable’. Walk, jog- take baby steps if you need to. And some breathers on the way. Make a coffee stop. Just know that in the long run it’ll be worth it, and for the most part I’ll be shit scared too. 

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