How To Be Healthy This Christmas! (or, you really need to chill out mate…)

I used to follow PopSugar on Bloglovin. And every morning I would get an email from Bloglovin, telling me what my favourite blogs were posting. And it was literally all PopSugar. PopSugar telling me how to lose weight over Christmas. PopSugar telling me how many calories were in every mince pie ever made by man. PopSugar letting me know how to get in cardio on Christmas morning. PopSugar telling me five foods to never eat. PopSugar telling me “15 ways to feel skinner by the end of today” (that is a real post). Why don’t PopSugar just tell me to go buy a zorbing ball, and take some dried prunes (oh, wait…they have too much sugar. Don’t take any food), some Michael Buble to cry to, and seal myself into that ball for the entire Christmas period.

Needless to say, I have unfollowed PopSugar on Bloglovin. Guys, I’ll say this because no one else will:

Fuck being “healthy” at Christmas.
Why is that “healthy” in quotation marks? Because there is the conventional PopSugar “healthy”, and then the kind of healthy that makes you happy. That denies you nothing. The kind of healthy that, I’ll admit, I struggle to achieve too. So this is just as much for me as it is for you….

I am telling you: go and eat your mince pies, watch endless movies, and enjoy that roast dinner. Don’t try and track macros, or calories, or syns, or get in a run on Christmas morning- don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to eat to the point where you feel sick, that wouldn’t be enjoyable. If you belong to one of those families (as I do) who walk the dog (who has probably also eaten a lot of turkey, and also managed to nick someone’s brandy that they left on the floor) on Boxing Day, and you enjoy that, then do so. If you like porridge on Christmas morning (hands up on this one) then eat it. If you like a roast dinner and extra stuffing (hands up on this one too) then eat it. If you want a cocktail complete with edible glitter and tinsel, served by a waiter in the buff with strategically placed holly sprigs, then good luck with that. I don’t care if what makes you happy is going on Just Dance with your family, or sitting on your arse and watching movies. I don’t care if you want a beef burger or a massive salad with a reindeer steak on top when you go out for a meal. If you want dessert or you’re too full and  just want a coffee- or if you want both! Whatever you do, do it because you want to.
My point is, don’t sacrifice a time when you should be enjoying yourself just to be healthy/lose weight/ feel as though you are still “on track”. I’ve been there, done that, and guess what? It didn’t make me happy. Enjoy spending time with your family, and your friends, and your dog that probably attacked the presents because they were covered in glittery paper. I like to chill out at Christmas, I like to walk my dog on Boxing Day, I do like having a couple of days of lighter meals following Christmas, I am still liking doing dumbbell workouts but that won’t be something I’m doing on Christmas morning at 6am- I like fighting my brother for the best thing that came out of the crackers we got instead. You know people forget when it comes to talking about health? You know what PopSugar forgets when they put out blog posts about health? Mental health. Emotional health. In fact, anything that isn’t a six pack health. Enjoying yourself is good for the first two aspects of health I just mentioned. Healthy is being able to achieve a balance.
Don’t try and plan to be healthy at Christmas; plan to be happy. Do what makes you genuinely happy. And anyone who tells you different can shove off back to their anti-Christmas zorbing ball. 

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