Quotespirational Monday 21/12/15

‘Celebrate Every Tiny Victory’
Welcome to another Monday everyone: you made it through another week! Maybe in the week just gone by you had some major failures. Maybe you missed out on a job promotion, screwed up in an exam, didn’t get as much essay work as you wanted done, fell out with a friend…maybe your week was pretty shitty. But think back over the week, and figure out what you did right.
Maybe it was the first job promotion you ever put yourself out there for, and it took balls to do it. Maybe you missed the grade you wanted in that exam by just a few marks- its frustrating that you were close, but now you know that you can do it. Maybe you didn’t get as much work done as you wanted, but celebrate the fact that you did get some work out of the way. Perhaps it was a victory in that you don’t spend much time on yourself, and decided to finally give yourself a couple of days off- in which case, well done. The theoretical friend you fell out with? Perhaps they were a rubbish friend, and in saying what you think, though you may have fallen out with them, you’ve shown yourself more respect than you previously have.
Even when things appear to be going down the pan, there is usually some kind of small victory you can celebrate. Even the tiniest one. This morning I went for a run, and became frustrated when I couldn’t run for as long as I wanted to (I tell myself: run to that lamppost then jog, then sprint again. And I carry on like this until I get home). But when I thought about it, I couldn’t run the way I can now six months ago. Or even two months ago. I managed to run uphill without stopping for the duration of the snicket that connects my area to the main road. And maybe for today that is achievement enough.
This week keep in mind those little victories. It’s harder to keep track of/identify them in some areas of you life than others, but keep trying- and if it helps, I’ll be trying too.  

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