Quotespirational Monday 14/12/15

You are amazing, remember that…
So, I’ve recently been reading a book called The Vagenda (book review within the week- hopefully). And the basic premise of this book is that the media feeds off of making us feeling a little bit shitty. And I don’t mean that in as sinister way as it sounds, its merely how the media industry works to generate profit: you see an article about how to get the best skin you’ve ever had (NOW! usually added in capitals…) in your favourite magazine, and then lo and behold, two pages later, an advert for foundation that will make your face flawless. And it can be quite hard to remember just how amazing you are when this happens, because it will happen several times when flicking through a magazine alone (think about how many adverts there are).
This week remember that you are amazing. You might not have flawless skin, or mega-watt shiny hair, perfect teeth, mile long lashes, or curves, or a thigh gap, or the same figure as the Women’s Health model- but guess what? Those people in the magazines don’t have any of that either. The majority of it isn’t real. Maybe it isn’t appearance that makes you feel lacking- perhaps you can’t lift as much as someone in the gym, or maybe you did badly in an essay or an exam? Okay, you may not be top of the food chain in those areas, but does that mean you aren’t amazing? Like hell it does.
Write down at least five things that make you amazing, more if you can. Stop when it feels natural. Don’t think too much about it, or question why you want to write them, just get them down. I’ll do it too…
  1. I am a good writer
  2. I am organised
  3. I can run faster and long and on a higher incline than I could a month ago
  4. I cook amazing food
  5. I can make people laugh
  6. I am straight to the point
  7. I am imaginative
  8. I have nice handwriting
  9. I can quote my favourite lines of The Great Gatsby on demand, ditto Mean Girls
  10. I can do the crow pose
  11. I am a good listener, but also a good public speaker
Keep focused on what makes you amazing this week, and remember: to many people you are probably more amazing than you will ever know. 


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