November Favourites

Medjool Dates- Gooey, caramel-y, naturally just sweet enough, and a great way for me to get some extra calories in to help build up my muscles. Love these as a snack, pre-gym fuel, or in the evening when I fancy something sweet. They’re also great in baking.
Homemade Soup- Winter rolls in, and I roll out the soup and bread. Recipe right here:
Chicken- I began eating this again a few weeks ago now, and since that moment have had it a couple of times a week. My current favourite way to prepare it is to steam it in a foil parcel in the oven for about 40 minutes, for a moist and tender texture.
Booja-Booja Ginger “Ice Cream”- This (and possibly the chocolate one) is the best flavour of Booja-Booja. It’s warming on the throat, but not too hot, and its healthy– you can read a full review here:
Ketchup- Recently I have been craving ketchup with my sweet potato wedges, and so that is what I have eaten. Copious amounts of sweet potato with ketchup.
Art Galleries and Museums- When my mum came to stay we visited the Laing here in Newcastle, and although small it was one of the best art galleries I’ve been to, as all of the art bar one display appealed to me personally. 
Mean Girls – Sick day film played on a loop.
Paperchase – They’ve recently come out with some lovely floppy notebooks in packs of two, with a metallic, almost-art-deco print on the front.
Mrs Warren’s Profession- We had to read this for one of the modules making up my degree, and I am now searching wildly to find out if it is being performed anywhere.
Christmas Candles- I will go into shops purely to smell the Christmas candles. Anything with ginger in it is a big thumbs up from me.
Primark Snowflake Pyjama Bottoms- The kind that are light cotton, and synch in around the ankles. Comfiest pyjama bottoms I’ve ever owned. And when you’re a student you spend a lot of time in your pyjamas and dressing gown. We’re not lazy: we’re genuinely trying to save on the heating bill.
Lush Twilight Bath Bomb- This is one that you can’t really appreciate when you smell it in-store, due to all the other scents. It’s a relaxing chamomile, lavender, and vanilla scent, which produces loads of bubbles, and silky water that both moisturises, and is slightly iridescent.
Lavender Essential Oil- I’ve been putting this onto my wrists to ease stress, and help me sleep at night. Works like a charm, and everything I own now smells of it. Because I’ve run out of my Jo Malone cologne, and can’t be smelling like “people”.
Niomi Smart’s YouTube Channel- Her “What I Eat” videos are packed with inspiration for delicious meals, and Niomi herself is a joy to listen to, with a positive attitude and just a highly motivational way about her.
Superfoodsiobhan Instagram – Another great food inspiration source. I wish I could make my IG pictures consistently look this stunning.
Song + Music Video- Ellie Goulding’s On My Mind. I have no idea why I like this song so much, but its been stuck on a loop in my head, and my flatmates have had to listen to me belting it out in the shower every day.

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