Quotespirational Monday 30/11/15

Storms Don’t Last Forever.
As per usual when it comes to locating a quote for my Monday morning blog post, I turned to Pinterest- and my “Favourite Quotes” board, a board so packed that I’m forever surprised that a little “limit reached” notice never pops up. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to let all of you know, but couldn’t find a graphic breath taking enough- until I came across the image you will see on my IG account (link to the right hand side of this post). And it shows a sky billowing and spilling over (if a sky could do such a thing) with clouds. Pink, morning clouds with a golden rising sun- the typical motivational image. But I have a real thing for skies and sunrises.
In the past two months, and then for a more intense period in the past two weeks or so, I’ve felt as though I have been sat in the eye of a metaphorical storm- complete with lightening machine and thunder sounds issuing forth from state-of-the-art speakers. The kind five different people were fighting over in Argos on Black Friday. And I’m more than sure that some of you (all of you) sometimes feel that way too. And although it’s been tough, this Friday just gone something very strange happened. I woke up, and it felt like that storm was beginning to roll gently away, over the horizon, to terrorize someone else. Because since Friday life decided to cut me some slack, and I began to realise that perhaps some of the things that had been going wrong, were actually setting up for things to go right, but in a really round-about way.
This week just gone I have had to do some pretty difficult things. I had to accept that I need to be patient (anyone who know me personally may have just laughed cynically), as I couldn’t go to the gym until I was technically well enough (hence two weeks out for a girl who hasn’t taken a day out of her workout schedule in approximately two years), and also with improving said health. I had to accept it wont happen overnight. I had to quit my job, as I need to focus on my health and uni- and my job (though I loved it, and the people) was the only thing that could feasibly go. I had to admit that I need help with some stuff. I had to confide in people. I had arguments over housing for third year, and had to accept that sometimes amazing friends can’t be housemates- but equally amazing friends can. And this weekend my mum came to stay, and that if anything marked (I hope) the very end of this particular storm. Because we all know that a hug and time spent with someone close to you can solve a lot of problems.
This Monday I wanted to remind you all that bad times don’t last forever. I was just about hanging in there, when things have assumed an ominous sense of calm. Whatever you’re up to this week, however wrong it goes, however close to the end of your tether that you are, just remember that a) bad times really don’t last forever, and b) it may be life setting you up for/ pushing in the right direction of something better.  

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