Quotespirational Monday 09/11/15

‘There are so many reasons to be happy’
Really quick and simple quote this Monday. Because at times we all just need something that reminds us to smile. This past week has been a tough one, and I have to say that I’m glad it’s Monday- because it was just one thing after another Monday through Sunday in the seven days gone by. When things are at their worst though, I always try and remind myself of the above. And sat in front of my laptop on Sunday evening I managed to compile a pretty decent list of reasons I have to be happy. Not huge things a lot of them (and this is just a small list), but things that remind me why I love my life. What makes a bad day brighten, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Have a go for yourself. Because by the end of it I was actually smiling a little bit more… 
  1. The smell of baking bread when I walk into the M&S off of Northumberland Street
  2. Butter melting into sourdough
  3. Opening my window on an evening for a little bit before I crawl into my duvet fort
  4. People watching
  5. When parts of the sky clear up and go blue, though the rest is still grey and stormy looking
  6. Books
  7. The feeling of writing in a notebook
  8. My inspirational quote mugs, filled with mint tea preferably
  9. Window shopping
  10. Wrapping up warm in a scarf, and bobble hat
  11. How far I’ve come, even if I feel I have a long way to go
  12. The scent of the perfume one of my colleagues wears at work; it’s absolutely beautiful, and I go into Fenwicks just to get some for myself sometimes
  13. One of my other work colleagues wears bright ribbons in her hair every day, and after a long shift those ribbons always make me smile a little
  14. Reading instagram comments
  15. The smell of the lavender bushes by the library
  16. Porridge in the morning, and getting a spoonful of just oats and nut butter
  17. A hot shower after the gym and then, after that little oh-my-god-it’s-freezing run to the changing rooms, feeling refreshed and ready once I’m dressed
  18. Putting Palmer’s cocoa butter hand cream on last thing at night; been part of my routine so long that its almost like a signal that its time to sleep…
  19. When I get in after a long day and can put my PJs on straight away, along with fluffy dressing gown
  20. Wrapping my hands around a warm coffee cup and doing some creative writing
  21. Lamp light through leaves when I walk home on an evening
  22. Sitting in the window sofa of our flat and watching cars go by

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