Quotespirational Monday 02/11/15

“The best way to get things done is simply to begin.”
Planning things is one of the greatest joys in my life. It’s that magical, untouchable, unicorn blessed moment of ‘this-could-actually-happen-but-I-don’t-have-to-do-anything-yet-ness’. But then comes actually getting something done. And sometimes all of that magic dissipates into the same place the leprechauns went- along with any motivation you had at the planning stage.
As a uni student, I know what I’m talking about: course reading, essays, extra reading, recommended reading, washing, food shopping, shaving my legs- all of them can result in major procrastination. But having just received two essays and their relative deadlines, procrastination is definitely no friend of mine right now. I realised this on Friday; after um-ing and ah-ing and doing some pretty foul swearing at my essay titles I decided that maybe I should just go for it and try to analyse the relevant text, criticism I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks, and form a thesis. And you know what? It was a bit touch and go (first essay since June), but I now have one rough plan and the beginning of my second plan. And I completed these around working this Saturday, the food shop, the gym, the cleaning, making soup, pre-prepping meals, and even a haunted sleepover on Halloween. I just had to begin, and let the intellectual juices flow.
Same goes for that gym membership and dreams of “your best you” (insert catchy advertisement) showing off at some Christmas party, or planning gifts, or moping around over all of your school work/deadlines. Just begin. Take one tiny little step, complete one tiny little aspect of it- and then keep at it.  If it’s a big task, such as an essay, maybe have one goal per day that all work towards getting it done, for example…

  • Friday- Read questions and extracts

  • Saturday- Analyse and make brief notes on possible extract choices

  • Sunday- Make a rough essay plan, collect all possible quotations from secondary sources

  • Monday- Finalise plan

  • Tuesday- Write intro, and point one

  • Wednesday- Points two, three, and four

  • Thursday- Conclusion

  • Friday- Editing round 1, add footnotes and header

  • Saturday- Editing round 2, add bibliography….
You get the gist.
And before you know it your task will be well underway.
If you struggle even knowing where to begin on a day to day basis with getting things done, then check out this blog post I have right here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/do-less-get-more-done.html. Its all about how to get your To Do List completed with minimal stress, and may just give you the courage to begin getting your s**t together this Monday. Have a fab week guys…

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