October Favourites


Frozen blueberries-
On porridge, with frozen banana and yoghurt…these little babies have been gracing my fridge since I returned to uni and are there to stay. Cheap and student suitable.
Spicy rice cakes –
because everything is made better with a bit of spice!
lentil and vegetable soup-
When I get in from work on the days I do around uni I’m usually late home, hungry, tired, and not wanting anything too heavy to eat. I have this homemade soup with the rice cakes and then some protein such as eggs, prawns, canned fish, or quorn. Quick, comforting, and cheap. I have a recipe on its way.
Naked Deli snickers-
It might just be better than the original. And not just because it’s good for you- this is the most delicious thing in the health world that I’ve had in a while. Can’t wait to get my hands on their other desserts and treats…
Ernest Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs-
Perfectly cooked eggs, meaty salmon, and toasted sourdough with proper butter. Can a girl ask for more?
Ernest Sticky Toffee Pudding-
In a complete contradiction to my last favourite, yes a girl can ask for more. Myself and my friend did with this amazing dessert. Dates, butter, and toffee sauce in perfect balance with light and yet toffee saturated sponge. Ernest really outdid themselves here.



Cardio Combat Classes-
 High intensity non-contact cardio with plenty of kicking, punching, jumping, ducking, and plyo moves. My new favourite gym class.
The Vagenda, By Holly Baxter & Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett-
This is a feminist book picking holes in the magazine industry and  how they appeal to women. How we as women worry too much about “being beautiful”, plus how we think achieving the ideal can make our lives better. Great read for anyone wanting to laugh and also deeply consider their relationship with their glossy magazine addiction.
Fenwick’s Food Hall Newcastle-
The refurb has just been finished, and I can now revel in a mini world devoted entirely to some of the best food I have ever seen. One friend and I are planning on buying mussels and sourdough and having a romantic cooking session.
Bobble Hats-
My brother bought me a TopShop bobble hat last year when  I was whining I was cold; it keeps me warm and has become me solution as to preventing frizzy hair in the damp weather (regretting the fact I didn’t realise this earlier). Plus I look pretty damn adorable in it.  


Naked Deli Banana- Nut Smoothie –
 I make a similar smoothie at home, but when I’m leaving at 8:30am and want a cold smoothie later on then this is a great treat. I watched them make it, and all of the ingredients are top notch.
Pret a Manger Cappuccino-
 Because I love this drink like I love life.
TeaPigs Mint & Peppermint Tea-
 I’ve had this combination before, but TeaPigs seem to do it best.


YouTube Channel- Josie Mai
I’m constantly on the look out for new inspiration during my journey to zombie apocalypse/ Hunger Games ready. This girl is amazing for inspiration, and advice on living a balanced lifestyle (proper pizza included)

Facebook Remembering People’s Birthdays
 Because for some reason my brain can’t do this.

YOGAINSPIRATION (Instagram account)-
Wonderful inspirational quotes, and pictures of yogis doing poses I can only dream of being able to do! One day guys, one day…


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