Quotespirational Monday 19/10/15

‘The most important relationship in your life is with yourself’

In the past couple of weeks I have been run off of my feet, and I can freely admit that. I became a bit of a caffeine junkie too. I was running from 9am lectures (reached via a coffee shop), to doing uni work, to work, or the gym, and then home to try and desperately get as many jobs done as possible before collapsing into bed and trying to sleep. Trying being the operative word. Weekends meant work, uni prep, and cleaning. My ‘To Do’  lists were enormous, and I was so incredibly tired. And uni hadn’t even really gotten going.
 It wasn’t until one friend after another commented on how tired I looked it began to sink in- and then it was when the physical signs became clear to me in the past couple of days that I had to do something. When I get tired, or stressed, I get spots. When the two happen to take place simultaneously my skin just goes bezerk. Although I was eating healthily, sticking to one coffee a day (and not every day), working out when I could, and trying to get in enough sleep, my skin started to assume a grey hue, I developed eye bags, and little tell-tale spots started to break through. I won’t lie: my skin is something I’m pretty vain about. Bad hair days I can deal with. I live looking perpetually like a lovable scruff half the time because I cant be bothered to match clothes (I was wearing Christmas pudding socks just yesterday)- but my skin is the one thing I’m actually fairly vain about. Not to mention, when I sat down and thought about it, I was so damn tired.

I had been thinking I had maybe four areas to devote time to:

  • Uni
  • Work
  • Gym and fitness
  • Social

Wrong. There are five, and the last one is the most important:

  • Me time.

The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself- you have to live with you for your entire life. Whilst I had been trying to get all of this stuff done I had forgotten to do one crucial thing: look after myself. Sleep enough, take time out. Does it matter if not everything on my list gets done? Does it bollocks. If I am really so tired I have a splitting headache should I be getting up at 6:30am? Just to fit in 10 minutes of yoga? Nope. This week coming I’m going to be fixing the damage I’ve done my basically neglecting myself a bit. Yes, I will still be drinking coffee, but not as often. I’ll be going to the gym, but not cramming workouts in when I can barely drag myself up the steps to a seminar. I’ll be getting myself to bed earlier, taking time out, and slim-lining my To Do list.

I’m pretty sure most of you can identify with this situation here: it’s a by-product of a busy modern life. And I’m also fairly certain that this week I wont be the only one attempting some damage control. This week I want to challenge you to take some time out each day. Not time out doing something you think will benefit you physically/mentally, but time out you know you’ll enjoy. Don’t force yourself to do a “stress relieving exercise class” if you’d rather curl up with a DVD, or a book, or just have a relaxing bath. I wouldn’t, and I hope you wouldn’t, treat someone who having a relationship with you value in the way I’ve treated myself.

So this week guys, take a chill pill, and some time out. PJs and fuzzy socks optional.


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