Quotespirational Monday 12/10/15

‘The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.’
– Ayn Rand
This week I went somewhere I have never been before. I went up to the weights and resistance training room in my uni’s gym. I have wanted to go up here since I upgraded my membership, but somehow haven’t quite managed it. I think that it was mainly the fear of not knowing how to use the equipment. At all. Oh, and it’s also a floor dominated pretty much entirely by the male of the species. The gym rats and lurkers stay on their floor, and the cardio bunnies and BBG girls on theirs. And there’s me, who just acquired the status of ‘floater’ somewhere in the middle.
I was taken onto this floor by the lovely PT I’m having a couple of sessions with, and who is designing me a training plan to help me generate some muscles. And on first stepping onto the resistance floor I was so bloody glad I had Sheri with me. She is a machine- a machine who kicks meatheads off of equipment for me to use it, and who I am slightly scared will annihilate me this Friday when we go through my plan. She’s taken my Pump & Tone classes before. Until then I had never had to crawl from the bed to the bathroom in the morning.
Training with Sheri has taught me one thing so far: don’t be afraid of someone not “letting” you do something. Those guys weren’t going to turn me away from the machines- maybe they’d ask me to wait while they completed their set, but that’s it. And similarly, no one was going to stop me walking up to the top floor of the gym. I didn’t hit some invisible glass barrier and bounce back off of it. And yesterday I even arrived at the gym early for my restorative yoga, just to go back up to that floor- to check that said glass barrier had been installed. The expressions on the faces of the guys in the room were priceless. It was all I could do to stop myself from laughing out loud as I did my leg presses and played around with how much weight I could handle.
If you have something this week that you are scared of doing, where you think someone is going to install a glass barrier to watch you bounce off of, then it may just be a good idea to just go ahead and do it. I did, and now the guys are about to lose the cosy man cave situation that is the resistance room…

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