September Favourites


Wide Sargasso Sea, By Jean Rhys- The story of Bertha Mason from Jane Eyre, before she met Rochester? I love books that cover the tales of the side-lined characters and so for me this is a must. Best book on my second year reading list so far.
Spark Nutritional Calculator- You have to be careful that the items you choose actually have all the nutritional values inputted and roughly correct, but this is a godsend for working out recipe values, and calculating macros and micros (if you want) for the day.
Jesmond Dene– I went exploring here with a friend recently and it is truly beautiful if you ever get a chance to go.
New Look Heeled Suede Boots- Bought these as a sturdy pair of going out shoes/ fancier pair of everyday shoes. Fell in love the minute I put them on my feet.
GBBO- We’re nearly at the end of this now guys! I know who I want to win…

Mint tea- Great after a big meal to reduce bloating and ease the stomach, plus it tastes lovely.
Fresh Coconut Water- Had this for the first time at Las Iguanas, when my friends wanted cocktails but I wanted tee-total. Definitely bought for the novelty value, but it was on my food and drink bucket list.

The Collection Concealer- I have used this since it was “collection 2000”, and so it deserves a mention. The single best concealer I’ve ever owned, and I’ve tried Rimmel, Maybelline, L’Oreal…
Original Source Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn Shower Gel- Not usually keen on strawberry scents as I find them artificial, but this is natural and gentle, with a hit of black peppercorn at the end that makes it feel different to any shower gel I’ve had before. A sophisticated  and environmentally friendly shower gel!

CoYo Coconut Yoghurts- Great if you don’t eat dairy, and even if you do! I love the cocoa, and the vanilla ones. They contain very few ingredients, all natural, no sugar added- simply beautiful. Try the chocolate one mixed with chunks of frozen banana and a dash of cinnamon, or some frozen raspberries…
Overnight Oats- If you follow my instagram I don’t need to say any more than this.
Plums- My current favourite in-season fruit. Opt for the ones with a dark purple skin over the yellow varieties, as the dark colour indicates more antioxidants.
Overnight Oats/Baked Oatmeal Dish– This dish reminds me of an old farm house kitchen, is study, and beautiful for photos. Plus it holds a lot of food.
Red Split Lentils- I’ve been using these a lot for quick and protein packed meals- you can check out my veggie sausage pot right here, for a quick and warming meal:
Overnight Oats Tub (Sistema) – I bought this to take my overnight oats to lectures in as I have three 9am starts this semester, so I’ll be leaving the house at 8:30am at the latest. Lighter weight than a Kilner jar, and definitely less breakable…


Pinterest- I’ve recently gotten into Pinterest in a really big way; it’s brilliant for recipe inspiration and finding DIY Christmas gift ideas I can make a proper frigging mess of later this year.
IG Account- WHATELLADID. This lady’s account is so down to earth and positive, yet provides me with serious body and fitness inspiration. A recent post spoke about how she’s cut down her exercise and yet is still becoming leaner and more defined- something we all need to hear from time to time is to just relax a little. Plus she points out even she doesn’t have perfect abs by the evening. Love her account, love her food- get serious meal envy every time I look.
Workout- Since I’ve just managed to get myself a gym membership I’ve been working on some dumbbell moves and body weight reps. As a beginner’s gym workout I’ve found a little beginner’s schedule that Carly Rowena lists under this video:   great for inspiration and getting me started. I’ll be constructing a gym plan using some of these moves, but combining them and condensing them into a three day plan.
YouTube Channel- Melanie Murphy. I love this lady’s YouTube channel. She’s positive, hilarious, and makes a great range of different videos. Plus I adore the Irish accent.


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