Quotespirational Monday 28/09/15

‘Life does not have to perfect to be wonderful’
Not going to lie, I am about to reveal one of my biggest flaws to you all- and to anyone who knows me, it won’t come as a great surprise. I am a hard-core perfectionist. I like things to be just so. I build up an idea in my head of how a certain event will play out, what I want to look like down to a ‘t’- even to the point where a rogue volcano spot on my face is a massive soul sucking, event ruining thing. I have an idea of how everything should be for a day to go perfectly. Maybe that’s why I love planning things: you can build up this vision of how things should be, and in that moment no one can tell you ‘oh sorry, the chef has run out of the ingredients to make your order’, or how about ‘DIVERSION: EXPECT DELAYS’ on the road? Those things don’t happen in the fantasy land that is planning. But here’s the thing: I also believe that life sends you what you need. And it sent me something that made me realise just how true this quote is yesterday…

I haven’t seen my two best uni friends in over six weeks. And yesterday we finally met up, as they arrived back in Newcastle on Saturday. Now, down to one thing and another I have had a serious hormonal skin breakout in the past week. I walked home from the gym post shower with a red third eye glaring at everyone I passed – and then the volcano arrived on my chin. And in my world, shit hit the fan. How could this happen? I am a healthy person, I haven’t been drinking, eating junk…it wasn’t fair. I would feel self conscious the day I was meant to enjoy more than any in my first week in Newcastle so far! I would feel self conscious in front of the girls I am peer mentoring this year, who I meet for the first time today. It doesn’t help that I am picker. But, Sunday morning I woke up, and after a much needed mini lie in, pulled back the curtains. It was beautiful outside. Probably the best weather Newcastle has seen so far this week. And I got ready, after giving myself a good talking to in the mirror, and went out. And you know what? I had a fabulous time. We went to Ernest for brunch, and although we had to wait for a table the food was delicious (as always), we went to the quayside market, took pictures on a polaroid camera, I saw a friend who is on Fresher’s crew that I haven’t seen since June outside the union to catch up with, we watched my friends cheerleading practice and lay on the grass barefoot, I got a tour of their flat and they had a tour of mine, we walked for possibly miles…
At the quayside market there was a stall selling notebooks, and although I couldn’t justify buying it, one had the above quote emblazoned on the front. And that’s when all of this hit home. Because my life isn’t perfect, but that’s because perfect doesn’t exist. And although it isn’t perfect, my life is pretty damn sweet. And I’ll bet that yours, in some way, is too.

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