Quotespirational Monday 21/09/15

‘Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall…’
-Jordan Baker, The Great Gatsby
This Saturday just gone I moved into my new flat for second year. My second year of university. My ‘only-one-year-left-after-this’ year. Going to university is like a fresh start, as anyone reading the Fresher’s series on this blog will know by now. It’s a chance not to re-invent yourself, but just to get to know yourself and try some new things out. For me, September feels like the second New Year. And yesterday morning I woke up with this feeling that this was the start of my second year life. I woke up in a double bed for one, which is something I’ve never had before. Yup, definitely an adult now.
So if life starts over again in the fall, and if I think of it as a second New Year, then what does that mean for me? Well, it means goals, and things I want to get done, and how I want this year coming up to look. There are a lot of things I wanted to get done this year, but guess what? There are too many- you can do anything, but not everything. Which means I have to pick and choose. And these are the things I’m picking and choosing. Seven things. Not too complicated, and specific- because this is how I’ve learnt goals have to be for me to get off my arse and achieve them.
As I’m writing this I am waiting on a job interview this Tuesday coming, and so unfortunately I can’t yet be so specific with how much time I can allot to each goal. Which irks the control freak in me more than I can say. But in a week or so my routine should be settled and I’ll be able to get down to it…
1. Do really well in my second year modules; aim for a first this year (stay on top of the reading, the study group notes, the essays, stay organised).
2. Improve my fitness levels (gym three times per week for full on work outs; get a follow along plan designed- until I have this use my own- and follow it religiously. Try to do one rock climbing session per month. Only one as it is expensive.)
3. Get a part time job (already being dealt with: I was back less than 24 hours when after handing out approximately six CVs, I accidently got a job interview at one of my favourite cafés whilst meeting a friend for coffee. I have my fingers crossed it all works out.)

4. Take time to recharge and relax (We all need space, and something I have no problem with is saying ‘no’ sometimes, and taking that breathing space. Unfortunately I sometimes use that space to get more work done. I usually use Sunday as a day to chill out, lie in, take a break from work, and have some “me time”. As I’m entering the adult world now one whole day may no longer be realistic. But I want to find at least three hours on one day that I can spend on me, doing what I want. For the everyday meditation and mindfulness, and 30 minutes before bed with no technology. This is none negotiable)
5. Get social (I am not sure how possible this shall be with work and uni, but I want to do two or three things socially each week. To be honest, I could combine a few things here: taking a Pilates class with a friend for example, or just having a quick coffee or a brunch trip, or a movie night with my flat, or sitting down to chat on an evening. I want to join a couple of societies: the feminist society, the English society, and possibly a sports one- dependent on how busy I am).
6. Write more (three blog posts per week – more if I can manage, but I promise nothing. Attend one meeting for the university paper per week, and try to write for the paper every two weeks at least) 
7. Take shit from NO-ONE (this comes back to the whole saying ‘no’ thing. Sometimes you have to say exactly what you mean, and just tell people no, without having to explain yourself. This is a goal I need to work on with respect to certain people, because in general I’m a pretty dab-hand at it.)
So there you have what are kind of my just-over-mid-year resolutions. My autumn overhaul, and things that are most important to me right now. What are your top six goals for when life starts over again this autumn?


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