What The Second Years Want You To Know…

When you make it through first year you end up accumulating some pretty useful advice. Advice that you wish someone had told you. An so after texting some of the second years in my phone book I managed to get together their life saving wisdom for you all…

‘Budget budget budget ! The most important thing to make sure you’ve got enough money for the whole term ! Talk to people on your course, everyone is in the same boat so just put yourself out there and you’ll have loads of friends in no time – and you’ll end up hanging out with course mates more than your flat mates. Pre drink, pre drink, pre drink – you’ll spend less money whilst out as you’ll already be drunk. Ooh also – don’t constantly eat out at lunch; your bank balance will be raided and you’ll be more likely to put on the freshers 15. Make sure you’re eating enough fruit and veg nothing worse than constantly being ill.’
– Iona
(English Literature)
‘Ok, well I guess my main concern for uni at any stage is that I don’t know enough, so best advice would be to seek advice. Ask questions, don’t be afraid, email the school office or you tutor, ask your friends (because mine are smart and know everything whilst I struggle) that’s pretty much my thoughts on it.’
 – Greta  
(English Literature)

‘Find a club or society to get you out of your room for two evenings a week. You can meet new friends and find a new hobby!’

‘ I would say to mix with loads of different people and do loads of different things, widen your expertise, and you will probably find something you are really good at and you enjoy too! And most of all- have fun! Also, don’t spend your student finance stupidly at the beginning of term- because then you can’t enjoy yourself as much and are stressing about money 100% of the time.’
 –  Beth
‘My advice would be don’t spend all your money in freshers week (if you wanna stay out of your overdraft that is)! It may seem a good idea at the time.. but, when you’re living off toast and all the canned veg your mum gave you for when things get desperate, you’ll wish you had a few less trebles in fresher’s week.’
– Ellie
(English Literature with Creative Writing)
‘Don’t think you have to prove yourself to anyone, you’ll meet loads of people and you’ll find the ones for you!’ 

‘My advice is run while you can! Never return!’
(Early Childhood Studies)
(I’d like to point out that EJ is still at uni)

‘Do not exclude yourself from anything at the start of the year; you might be tired but get yourself up and out and go make friends’.
‘Do as much as you can in fresher’s week and talk to anyone and everyone- you don’t know who you may still be friends with by the end of the year!
‘Read, read, read & read! Even if it doesn’t end up being necessary, you’ll always be pleased that you did! Also- practise saying ‘yes’ to everything because you’ll be pleased you did that too…’
– Katy
(English Literature)
‘My piece of advice isn’t very original, but it’d be to get involved in the societies that interest you from the outset because that’s probably been the most fulfilling aspect of my first year! I met most of my good friends through the courier, radio & other societies…so yeah, join in straight away!’
– Sophie
(English Literature)

‘Have fun; first year is more about finding yourself. However do enough work to make it to year two!’

‘Have fun but work hard. The harder you work from the start the easier you will find exam season, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to let loose, you’re only a fresher once!’
– Lydia
‘ I think my advice for freshers would be something like… its okay if you don’t love it at first, just be yourself and give it some time! (I am aware this sounds super cheesy) And remember that tupperware is your friend ‘
– Lucy

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