Quotespirational Monday 14/09/15

Technically this is more of an affirmation than a quote, but it’s a little bit of Monday motivation that can actually go a really long way. Before everyone starts internally whining that you cant choose to be happy in some situations, I know that. I know that in multiple situations it is hard to say to yourself or someone else “You should just choose to be happy”. This is going to be more of a thinking out-loud post, I can already tell…
If you are sitting here reading this blog post you have access to the internet. Chances are you also have a TV, and a phone, and a nice warm house, and many, many other things to be grateful for. Why then shouldn’t you choose to be happy? Maybe there’s a person in your life that prevents you from enjoying those things. Or maybe you hate your job, or your house isn’t as nice as your friend’s. Why should those prevent you from being happy?
Doesn’t it feel good to say in your head (or maybe out loud, that’s even better) to the person you hate ‘I can’t stand you. I hate being around you. Everything you do irritates me- but you aren’t going to stop me being happy’. Your job: would it really kill you to go and embrace just one day with a positive mind set and see how it goes? If you still hate it then don’t let it stop you being happy right now; enjoy the things you can in your current job and other areas of you life whilst looking for work elsewhere. Even if you hate your job, I’ll bet there are many other things in your life that make you happy. At least you are actively doing something to increase your happiness. Your friend’s house/car/body…if you really desperately want what they have then work towards getting your version of it- you can’t have their particular house, and you have your own body, and you may not be able to get exactly the same model of car. But don’t be unhappy with what you have now. Chances are someone is trying to work towards that as well.
Choosing to be happy, to go into life and situations with a positive mind set and just embrace what you have, can for some reason be looked upon as a negative thing. People think it makes them look weak or not strong willed enough. I know that, because sometimes you don’t want whatever/whoever has made you unhappy to get away with it. You want it to be recognised that you are unhappy. But in the end that just gives the person/situation power that they shouldn’t have.
So this week go into each day with the intention of being frigging happy. It won’t kill you- you’ll probably feel better for it. And if it makes you feel any better I’ll be trying it out too. This is my last week at home and I have plans to catch up with the people I love, celebrate my little brother’s 18th with him, and by Saturday be back in my beloved Newcastle. I have tonnes of things to be happy about this week, and no one/nothing will be taking that away. At least, that’s the goal…

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