Quotespirational Monday 07/09/15

Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.
Whenever I see or think of this quote, I also think of my A-Level biology teacher. In year 12 I was sat helping a friend through some tricky bio questions when she suddenly went: ‘I can’t do it Em, I’m just so stupid…I’m going to fail’. To which I replied: ‘You are not stupid. Believe you can do it, and you’re half way there’. Our bio teacher was close by also helping with the question, and he disputed my reasoning on this one. He took it to mean that as long as you believe in yourself you can slack off and not put the effort in, because the belief you can do it is enough to carry you through. My reasoning? The effort makes up the other half.
Imagine a line, and at one end of it is you, and at the other- a long, long, long way off- is your goal. Once you decide to try you move from the beginning of the line; if you don’t decide to try then you never even move. The minute you make the decision to say fuck it, and just give it a go, you immediately begin to move. The belief you can do it is what then allows you to put the effort in; if you didn’t believe you could do it you would never even think to try. So many of us don’t believe in ourselves, myself included, although if you spoke to a friend the way to talk to yourself I’m pretty sure they’d sock you one.
So what goal do you have? I know that many of you may have gone back to school recently to begin a new year. Do you want to come out of it with amazing grades? or be in a club you haven’t tried before? Maybe you’re doing A-levels and want to get into uni. Or perhaps you’re at work and want to meet a deadline, or get that promotion, or give a presentation. Maybe it’s a fitness goal: to build muscle, to lose some weight, to be able to complete a dance class without collapsing half way through. My current goal is the first of the fitness ones. It’s going to be a long journey down that line, but you know what? I feel like in making the decision to try I’m already halfway there. It’s now just a case of putting in the effort.

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