Quotespirational Monday 31/08/15

‘When Things Aren’t Adding Up In Your Life, Start Subtracting.’
It was only upon browsing Pinterest this morning that I came across this quote. The quote I was going to choose was fine, but it also just didn’t feel right. And when something doesn’t feel right then it’s usually your gut desperately trying to tell you something.
On the topic of things not feeling right, we now come to this quote. How many things can you count in your life that just don’t feel right? That stop your life “adding up”? This could be a job, a degree, a person…How many of these things could you benefit from just straight up cutting out of your life? When things are no longer serving you, making you happy or fulfilling you (even when they’re hard work), then it’s probably time to let them go. Because if they aren’t serving you, then they’re draining you.
Sometimes we can’t just walk out of a job, we don’t want to leave our degrees, and we can’t make a break with a person – in my case simply because they’re a very close relative. Maybe one day I will, but at this point it isn’t possible. It can be scary to start subtracting things from our lives, we can wonder what will actually fill that gap. But would you rather stay in the same situation- where things never add up no matter how hard you try? Would you really rather live like that, than face up to a fear for 10 seconds? Imagine the sigh of relief and feeling of freedom once you have “subtracted” things from your life.
So here it is: sit down with a pen and paper, and divide it into two columns. On one side write down all of the wonderful things in your life that make it worth living, that fill you with passion and drive, that you want to devote more attention to. Your list could include hobbies, working out, certain people you like being around, your job…. On the other side I want you to write down all of the things that don’t fulfil you. People you have to drag yourself out of the house to meet every single time you arrange to see them, hobbies that perhaps you used to love- but have grown out of. Imagine that each thing is box, and the boxes are filling a room. In your mind take all of the boxes that represent what you want to “subtract” from your life out of the room. Go burn them in a massive bonfire in your back garden if you like. See how much space you have now? You can unpack the boxes of things you love, seat the people you like seeing on comfy arm chairs, and even paint the room and hang up pictures because you have so much more space now.
This week, even if you can’t bring yourself to do it yet, or it isn’t yet feasible, consider what you need to subtract from your life- and then what you have the space to add into it as a result.

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