August Favourites

Train Journeys- I recently travelled back from York on the train, and it just rekindled my love of sitting on trains and watching the world go by, writing, or reading.
The Great British Bake Off- It had to be in there. My favourite TV show, and the only thing I consistently watch during the year is back!
The Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden – A great book about the culture of the Japanese Geisha. I wrote a review that you can read right here:
Persuasion by Jane Austen- So this is on my uni reading list, but I actually ended up enjoying this Austen novel. If you’re reading it, then you’ll know it’s slightly different to her other works, and that everything all seems to happen from the middle to the end of the book. Particularly in the last chapter.
Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – I picked this up because I loved reading The Yellow Wallpaper. It’s a great piece of feminist fiction by Perkins Gilman, and a must-read for anyone who wonders what a society made up entirely of women would be like. Definitely made me consider what my own idea of a completely female society looks like.
Filmore & Union- Their iced coffee was amazing, and I love that they have the option of almond milk. I wanted to eat everything they had on offer, particularly the banana loaf , and beetroot cake.
Bill’s- Finally tried this place in York; the food was delicious and the atmosphere is great. I can’t wait
until the one in Leeds opens.
Meridian Hazelnut Butter- Particularly in my Nutella Baked Oatmeal
Homemade Bread- Wholemeal, with baked beans, or spread with PB…
Prince’s Mackerel Fillets- They’ve really expanded the range of flavours so that I now struggle to decide which ones to buy on a whole new level. I love the Moroccan one, and the classic spicy tomato.
Pumpkin Loaf- Recently I’ve been testing this recipe out in preparation for autumn, and I have to say: it was the BEST pumpkin loaf I have ever tasted.
Baked Oatmeal- I’ve been having a bit of a breakfast love affair with this recently.
Iced Coffee Cooler- I have a recipe right here: You can make it vegan or non-vegan, both taste amazing. Both are my favourites. Both give me a buzz.
Rhubarb & Rosehip Sprtiz- Recently had this combo at my favourite Vintage Inns restaurant: rhubarb and rosehip cordial, soda water, fresh lime.
Coconut Water- Developed a sudden craving for this mid-August, and so I had to include it. It all started when I visited Global Tribe Café in Leeds, where they serve a variety of healthy veggie food, and wonderful drinks.
IG Account- NicolaJaneHobbs I have point blank fallen in love with this IG account. Inspirational quotes, yoga themed quotes, healthy meals, and pictures of Nicola doing amazing yoga poses. This is the sort of account that truly inspires me, instead of just pictures of someone’s Women’s Health worthy glutes. Although Nicola’s yoga and weightlifting build body is definitely something I want to aspire towards.
YouTube Channel- Jessica Mullen. Meditating has recently become a big part of my life, and Jessica Mullen’s videos are short and designed for daily meditation. They make me feel incredible.
YouTube Workout- XHit Plank Variation Workout. This is amazing if you tend to get bored in the everyday plank: get ready to plank in eight different ways…

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