Re-Discovering My Fitness Mojo?

Recently I’ve been considering exactly why I workout, and re-evaluating my fitness goals. Why exactly is it I work out? Are my goals completely appearance based? If I really want to be strong, then why are they appearance based? Which workouts do I enjoy, and which are a chore?

I think I may have lost my fitness mojo for a little while in way. And also had a mini mid-fitness-life-crisis…

When we’re kids we don’t think about what physical activity we’re doing, we just go with what makes us feel good. If we don’t like rounders then there are people to chase and terrorise in the playground. Younger siblings in particular. It comes naturally. We also, even if we enjoy physical activity, think nothing of occasionally spending all day watching Disney films in pyjamas.  On entering the adult fitness world things change. We tend to become pressured into feeling like we have to do certain things to be “fit”, and that treating ourselves to the occasional day when we just sit on our arses is a complete no-no. Is this sounding familiar? Have any of you ever felt fit-shamed by IG/FB memes about lifting? As if you’re a leper because you don’t have a gym membership, or run 5 miles every morning?

This is where I have to ask: where does the enjoyment we used to get out of fitness and being active go? And why does it go, if it does? I want to enjoy the activities that keep me fit, that to me seems the most sustainable way to stay active, and happy.

I enjoy, on the scale of things, weights more than running, but yoga more than weights, and pilates more than both of them. Walking comes in there somewhere too. I love walking if it’s not raining, and won’t even set a toe outside if it looks like it could rain- not without good reason. Running is a weird one too; if there’s a purpose to it e.g. catching my dog, who is stupid enough to run off in a place she could easily get lost, then I actually do enjoy that lung bursting adrenaline rush.

More and more I’m trying to accept exactly how I look, and what my body does for me (this was a Quotespirational topic right here:  ), and my fitness mojo plays a huge part in this. If I am no longer trying to use workouts to change the way I look, then how am I using them? Well, to make me happy. My body becoming stronger and more flexible, the development of some abs maybe, might be a nice side effect, but it’s more about what I can get my body to do, and enjoying what I get it to do.

I feel as if sometimes I get caught up in what I “should” be doing for my body, instead of what makes it feel good. If you hate kidney beans, and feel sick every time you eat them, but love chickpeas, will you eat kidney beans for the rest of your life? Of course not! Both have nutritional benefits, but it’s about personal preference. Same goes for exercise: is it sustainable to make yourself do cross fit each week if you hate it, but miss out on doing more yoga classes, which you love? Fuck no. Basically, the key to my starting to find my fitness mojo is putting aside what I am “meant” to do/like, or what I feel I “should” be doing/liking, and just finding activities that make me happy.

Hey, I think I just found my fitness mojo.
What are my favourite and least favourite forms of physical activity right now then? Well, here’s a round up…
My Top Ways To Workout…
  1. Pilates
  2. Yoga
  3. Weighted or body weight exercises (just using my dumb bells though, nothing too fancy)
  4. Dancing like a maniac
  5. Walking
  6. Spinning
  7. Climbing
  8. Dodgeball
  9. Unanticipated running (after my dog, in LazerZone, for the bus…)
Ways You Probably Won’t Catch Me Working Out (right now at least; our fitness mojos are subject to change people)
  1. Intense cardio intervals
  2. Burpees
  3. Weights so heavy that I’m so busy trying to breathe that I can’t enjoy the sensation of my muscles working
  4. Cross country 

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