Quotespirational Monday 17/08/15

Enjoy The Little
Little things are exactly what make me the happiest, and yet I only really realised just how true this is when creating my ’15 Feelings’ blog post a few weeks back (read it here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/15-of-my-favourite-feelings.html.) The majority of them were such little things, and the more I thought about it, the more I realised how easily pleased I am…
  • fresh bread
  • lighting a candle
  • hugging my friends, or my dog
  • chatting to my friend whilst she got ready for us to go out
  • someone telling me I’m a great waitress
  • peace and quiet
  • great buskers in York
  • Filmore and Union’s iced coffee
  • being able to come home from holiday and cook for myself
The “big things” like birthday presents etc. often don’t make me as happy as those above. Although they’re lovely I get so concerned with whether I appear grateful enough, or sincere enough, that I can’t fully enjoy the moment. On my birthday my favourite thing is usually going out for a meal at my favourite local restaurant, and to chat whilst eating some delicious food. I like when people put thought into their cards… I prefer that to some grand gesture. With the little things they seem to just happen and I can enjoy each and every one.
So, today I am finally seeing two of my best friends from uni- we’re getting brunch together, window shopping, and I’m taking them each some samples I was given and a slice of homemade pumpkin bread. Because the little things are what make people’s days. This week, focus on the little things making up the big picture. It will probably make you feel a whole lot happier than waiting for the next big thing.


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