Quotespirational Monday 10/08/15

Tina Fey
It’s another simple quote this week everyone, and one I think can apply to each and every one of you (even you guys, just edit in the word you feel most appropriate). But anyway, this week I want to talk to you all about getting stuff done. How much is on your To Do List this Monday morning? Enough to wipe the smile off of your face from the weekend, huh? Well, don’t let it.
I want you to take that To Do List, and do as follows:
  • Pick out the 5 MOST IMPORTANT things, write them down under that heading.
  • Pick out the 5 MEDIUM IMPORTANCE things, write them down too.
  • Pick out 3 WOULD BE GREAT TO GET THIS DONE BUT IT’S NOT REALLY ESSENTIAL things. Write them down under a slightly catchier heading.
Now, begin working your way through that To Do List, which hopefully looks a little less scary. And know that as long as you get the Top Five done, you’ll be okay. You could even do this for the week as whole.
I feel like bitches get stuff done when they are organised. It’s a sad but simple fact; I personally get so much more done in a week when I know what I’m aiming for, and when it has to be done by. I have already begun writing my master list for returning to uni, as it isn’t really that far off. I have a list of blog posts and the week they should go up, plus when the recipes all need to be tested by. I go into overdrive when I get essays. I am a bitch who gets stuff done. And these next few days I want you to have a go at that too. So have a great week, let me know how that streamlined To Do List works out for you, and feel free to share any anti-procrastination tips you have below…

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