15 Of My Favourite Feelings

We all have little feelings we love- whether we realise it or not. Those moments that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I saw this as a tag video by the fabulous Essie Button over on YouTube, and decided that I would let you guys know my favourite 15 feelings…

  1. Getting into bed after either a long day, or a night out. Particular nice if the sheets are fresh on that day.
  2. The first bite of your favourite meal, at your favourite restaurant.
  3. A hot bath or shower when you’ve been out in the cold all day.
  4. Holding a hot cup of tea, in a cup/ mug you love.
  5. When the house is empty and I can pretend I own it, and live alone. Peaceful meal, watching something I like in my pjs, reading, and a good night’s sleep. Plus walking around in my underwear. We all do it.
  6. When you see a trailer for a TV series/ film you’ve been waiting for your entire life. The Great British Bake Off, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, I’m looking at you.
  7. Finding one of those rare books that you become very emotionally involved in (no, I’m not talking Fault in Our Stars– I’m an English student, and talking Garden of Evening Mists).
  8. Walking to uni on an autumn morning, when the air smells cold, crisp, and refreshing. Everything seems to be sparkly and a little too bright.
  9. Being able to have a good browse in a shop- with no one interrupting you, or nagging you to hurry up.
  10. Taking pride in something I’ve made. Particularly if it’s food, and I can distribute it to other people.
  11. Walking around barefoot, or in socks if I must (or it is really cold inside)
  12. When you finally find people you absolutely love and genuinely look forward to seeing, and actually sit and think “wow, I never knew people like this existed”.
  13. When my space is clean, organised, and tidy- and I know where everything is. Sounds really boring, but it’s so satisfying.
  14. When something clicks in your mind. E.g. figuring out what will happen/is happening in a book plotline, or finding the perfect words to use in a poem/piece of writing that you’re working on.
  15. Taking my makeup off at the end of the day/night- or in the early hours of the morning…

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