Quotespirational Monday 03/08/15

I love this quote. I repeat it to myself all the time, but not enough people say it and mean it. Here is a list of things that are okay:
  1. To be curvy
  2. To be skinny
  3. To be athletic
  4. To be none of the above, but some in-between place
  5. To be gay
  6. To be straight
  7. To have no interest in having a relationship
  8. To have stretch marks
  9. To have a mono-brow, or mini tash, or any other facial or bodily hair
  10. To shave- it doesn’t make you less of a feminist, I promise
  11. To love food
  12. To hate drinking
  13. To get things wrong
  14. To eat a bagel with peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chips. Or smoked salmon and cream cheese. Or whatever else you would put on it.
  15. To have a slightly odd obsession with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry
  16. To hate cardio and love weights
  17. To love cardio and hate weights
  18. To hate both
  19. To miss the occasional workout
  20. To mess up something at work
  21. To mess up something at home (as long as you’re sorry)
  22. To feel like you compare yourself to people in magazines: we all do it, don’t beat yourself up, but know that you are just as beautiful as them. And that comparison is the thief of joy.
  23. To compare yourself to no one, and have reached your own little happy place
  24. To be introverted
  25. To be extroverted
  26. To not have a “squat arse” as I call it
  27. To have spots
  28. To have scars
  29. To love makeup
  30. To never wear makeup
  31. To not want to eat brownies containing spirulina/flaxmeal/sweet potato/ beans- but a proper brownie with butter and sugar and lots of gooey-ness
  32. To eat a salad
  33. To sometimes feel sad
  34. To be happy
  35. To sleep in
  36. To cancel plans and spend time with you
  37. To sing along with Disney movies
  38. To not identify with any of the above things

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