Chocolate & Peppermint Bites

Chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? And mint. Probably slightly less people love mint. Only yesterday I was speaking with a work colleague about her hatred (and my love) of mojitos, due to their containing mint.

But I feel like chocolate mint is such a classic combination- it reminds me of Christmas (these would be amazing after Christmas dinner, but don’t wait until then), and the after dinner chocolates with bits of minty crispies concealed inside. Chocolate mints are the essence of those fancy hotels that leave a single one on your pillow as a welcome. God knows why. Mint is the herb restaurants deem it necessary to garnish all desserts with, and only I actually eat. When it is to be chewed with a chocolate brownie that is. Which brings me neatly back to these little beauties, because minty chocolate brownie-esque bites are possibly the best way to describe them.

These contain only around 40kcal per bite, contain no added sugar, use ingredients you can pick up cheaply at your supermarket, and are also amazingly simple to make- in almost no time at all. They taste rich and decadent, and have a fudge-like consistency. Once made you can store them in the fridge for up to 48 hours, although they’re best eaten within 24 hours- I assume the consistency would dry out a little after this. They disappeared in my house too quickly for me to accurately tell you the truth on that one…


  • 4 dark rye crispbreads (mine were from Aldi, if you can afford Ryvita, or think you’re better than Aldi, then go ahead and use those- basically whichever brand you’re feeling)
  • 1tsp peppermint extract (I used the Sainsbury’s American peppermint one)
  • 3 pitted dates, chopped into small pieces using scissors
  • 1/2 cup sultanas, not tightly packed
  • 1tbsp + 2tsp cocoa, plus extra to dust
  • 3tbsp milk (I used Alpro coconut)


  • Empty the sultanas into a dish, along with the dates, and pour over the milk. Leave to soak for about 2 hours, to soften the fruit, making it easier to blend.
  • Once the fruit has soaked place into a food processor, along with the milk not absorbed, the cocoa, and mint. Pulse the food processor to break the fruit up a little, and combine with the cocoa and mint.
  • Crumble in the crispbreads, two at a time, and pulse the food processor.
  • Once everything is in the food processor you can blend for longer periods of time, until everything has come together (it won’t be chunk free; it just gives these bites some texture)
  • Using a teaspoon measurer , measure out 2tsp mixture per bite, and then roll and shape into spheres. Dust with cocoa and chill for 20 minutes minimum for the best taste and texture.

TIP! When it comes to dusting the bites, wash and dry your hands from shaping them, rub some cocoa powder onto your palms, and then roll the balls between your palms lightly. Does the trick every time.


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