Quotespirational Monday 27/07/15

It completely contradicts the whole “opposites attract” thing, but whoever created this quote was definitely on to something. You can apply this to friendships or romantic relationships, or even just in your job with colleagues.
Often the type of person we want to meet personality wise are the types of people we want to be like ourselves (so perhaps the opposites attract does have something going for it). I can name four people in particular that I would want to be like, and I shan’t embarrass them by naming them in this post, as two are people I know personally. But what is it about them that would make me want to stop and talk to them in the street, or grab a coffee? Well, it’s a few things: perseverance, confidence, patience (definitely won’t be emulating that one any time soon), feistiness, humour, and knowing themselves, their opinions, and being unafraid to voice them. I can also mention a fifth person, that I don’t know very well but who upon meeting I knew appearance-wise I would love to look like. Not, strangely, because of her hair or height etc., but because of the confidence she carried herself with. She also slots into the “voicing their opinions” category, being both an avid vegetarian and a feminist.
From this I can draw a conclusion. The type of person I would want to meet would have faith in themselves. They would employ integrity regarding their own opinions, and be confident in voicing them- no matter what others may think. But they would also be respectful of others opinions. They would be able to laugh at themselves, and make others laugh. Knowing that they can make mistakes, but that it’s all a learning process should be in there too. Persistence would be key. Confidence in their appearance would be a nice touch as well- especially when it comes to knowing their own style, as that’s something I have struggled with for many years. They’d also be a foodie, obviously.
As well as being the type of person I would love to meet and have a good chat with, this is the person I hope to become. People come in and out of our lives all the time, and so what better way to ensure that the perfect person for you sticks around than to become them?


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