Quotespirational Monday 20/07/15

‘The problem is not the problem;
 the problem is your attitude about the problem’
– Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

How many of us have problems? Raise your hands. Okay, that’s pretty much everyone, other than the liar in the back right.

I’m not sure whether I should be writing about my particular problem, but here it is: I (not all the time, but more and more frequently) an not finding much pleasure in my job. It is only a part time job, only to raise myself some funds for this summer, and when I go back to uni. It is minimum wage, and hours I wouldn’t have chosen myself, but it’s okay. It is only two evenings/nights per week, but again that is okay. I like most of the people I work with- some of them are amazing, funny, and interesting people. A couple, I don’t like so much. I have been insulted by customers, I have tried my hardest and it’s not working out. I sound like I’m complaining, which I am, but for some reason I really hate this job. It can be very up and down as to how much I enjoy it. I know, we’re not meant to enjoy every single element of working- that’s life. But what if something makes you very unhappy? Let’s talk through the dilemma…

Now, I have done plenty of work experience. I have brilliant references from these. I point blank love each and every job I did. BUT, this is my first real job. I was lucky to get it, as where I live is really lacking on the part time jobs front. How bad will it look if I quit my first job after just a couple of months? You can guarantee my reference would be poor. But I have other references, which balance that out. So why don’t I just quit? Okay, lets look at the problem a different way…

I have never quit at anything in my life without giving it a fair try first. Ah, but then I think about the guitar lessons. And the quitting kickboxing in under a year. Perhaps that wasn’t really a fair try. But the majority of things, I stick with. It’s how I was brought up. What else can I think of regarding my job…I only have (working on the two days I have currently been given) 16 shifts left. I can definitely handle 16 shifts. Next up: I have never waitressed/made cocktails/done bar work/played barista before. In less that one month I have learnt how to make a couple of cocktails, waitress (from writing orders a specific way, to instinctively knowing when someone wants to pay, to dealing with problem customers, to cleaning and shutting down the restaurant), use a coffee machine where I can actually foam the milk myself, and use the till and card machine. That’s a lot to cram into a very short space of time. And the one person I don’t like? Who gives a sh*t about them? The best way to just get through dealing with people like that when you absolutely have to? To just smile, take a deep breath, nod- and carry on doing what you’re doing. The majority of my colleagues I can actually have a good laugh with. Okay, as well I have had some lovely customers. One’s I love talking and chatting with- that have (very generously) tipped me (which I didn’t get to keep).

So, can you see guys how suddenly my problem isn’t that big any more? Not because the problem has changed or diminished, but because I’ve chosen the right attitude to take. So this week, think through any problem you’re facing- can you hack it out? If you can, go for it. And thank Captain Jack for this surprisingly insightful quote.

Have a great week guys,

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