Yoghurt Pot Sundaes…

 I mentioned in a recent “Favourites” post that Total’s Greek yoghurt pots have become a regular fixture on my shopping list of late. And there’s one big reason why: versatility. I’m not talking about how you can bung them into overnight oats, sauces, make lollies, top porridge with it etc. today though.

Today we are talking about getting your sweet fix. Because this has become one way I deal with mine. Simply take a yoghurt pot, your desired toppings (if you want to keep it healthy don’t throw a load of Dairy Milk on to it- obviously), chop and prep the toppings accordingly, and then scatter them onto your yoghurt. And the most important step: dig in.
Below I have a few suggestions for your sundae toppings combos, but have fun with this guys- there are countless topping possibilities.

– Not-So-Chunky Monkey –
1/2 banana, 1tbsp chunky PB, and then some optional dark chocolate chunks
– Lets Get Nakd –
Fruit of choice, a chopped up Nakd bar of choice, and a little honey or agave if desired
– Berry Bonanza –
Any combination of berries (aim for a colour range), and some honey
– Black Forest Gateaux – 
Mix some cocoa powder into the yoghurt, and top with cherries and dark chocolate chunks
– Chocolate Orange –
Stir some cocoa into the yoghurt (if desired), and top with half of a chopped orange and a chopped choc-orange Nakd bar, and a drizzle of dark chocolate
– Sweet Sunset
1/2 nectarine, a few cherries, a drizzle of agave, 2 dates, and then some optional mango chunks if desired
– Honeyed Banana –
Top your yoghurt with frozen banana chunks, cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey
– Dark Chocolate Berry –
Berries of choice and a good drizzle of melted dark chocolate
– PB & J –
A few whole strawberries, a few mashed strawberries for the “jam”, and 1tbsp PB. Change up the berries with the seasons for different “jams”
– Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream –
1 crushed digestive or oatcake, chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate, a splash of vanilla, and a drizzle of honey or agave, all stirred into the yoghurt
– Salted Caramel Apple –
Combine one small chopped apple with 2tsp agave nectar or honey (agave works better), 2 chopped dates, and a small pinch of salt to taste. Microwave for one minute, until the apple begins to soften, and then pour over the yoghurt

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