Quotespirational Monday 13/07/15


How many times have you tried to do something “perfectly”? I’ve lost count. I’ve tried to find the perfect hairstyle for school photos day, the perfect bag, eat the perfect way, find the perfect gift, bake the perfect cookies, plan the perfect day out, achieve my own “perfect” body…I’ll bet that your list is getting pretty long as well. Recently I had a go at being the perfect waitress. It didn’t work out: I forgot to visit one of my tables for 15 minutes after giving them the desserts menu. It may have been 20. They didn’t order dessert anyway. When the kitchen yelled “pub check” I took that to mean that the glasses from the pub beer garden needed collecting again. It actually meant I should have taken food through. I thought it was really nice of my boss to let me be one of the first people to finish their shift- then I figured out they actually wanted rid of me.
It was this shift in my new job that really brought home this quote.

We try so hard to be perfect in everything we do. Take a glance at your own mental “perfect” list, and then answer this: How many times have you managed to get it perfect? How many times has what you wanted to do actually had the opposite effect? When I tried to style my hair perfectly it would always rain. Each and every time. Trying to eat perfectly backfired on me: perfect eating would be followed by a binge session, perhaps a week, or a month, or two months later. It would eventually happen.

It’s only in letting go of perfect that you can actually start to achieve something worth being proud of, I think. Since giving up my black and white way of eating my binges have decreased. When I’m not trying to get the perfect hair, it invariably ends up looking great. The most beautiful bag/top/pants will pop up out of no-where when I’m not trying to hunt down the illusive “perfect” pair.

So this week I want you to let go of perfect. Just let it go. Turn away and slam the door. That perfect girl is gone (I may have skipped a few lines there). Because when you let go of doing something “perfectly”, and just focus on doing something to the best of your ability, then it usually goes a hell of a lot better.

And my waitressing shift the following night? I was taught how to use the milk foamer. I may not make a perfect cappuccino, but it was pretty damn close. Just goes to show what happens when you let go of perfect.


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