Quotespirational Monday 06/07/15


Two things have lead me to opt for this quote today:

  1. A conversation with my younger brother
  2. A skipped workout

I’ll start with the last reason, as it is the easiest starting point- before we move on to things more complex. Things not entirely suited to 8:47am. In the early hours of this morning the police knocked on our door, to tell us that my dad’s van had been broken into. I have to hand it to them, the breaker-in-ers had done a pretty good job; they’d simply knocked the lock on the back doors clean through. They didn’t take anything though, so it seemed like a lot of effort to me. Anyway, one disrupted sleep later it is 7am, and workout time. And I am knackered. I haven’t really stopped since I came home from uni, and now I’m paying the price. I did not want to do PopSugar Fitness’ 40 minute Metabolism Boosting Workout. You know what I did want? A walk. I wanted to go outside, in the slightly cool morning air, and walk. Yes, PopSugar may get me one more step to my goal, but what would that goal be if it didn’t make me happy? What would be the point of an unhappy mind, in a wonderful body?
Where I live, even though vans get broken into, is actually quite beautiful. There is always a slight breeze, even on the warmest of days. There are carefully made up gardens by all of the old people, which smell amazing when you walk past- only you can never quite figure out which flower is producing that smell. I live in Bronte country, and in a slight valley, so you can see the moors rising up in front of you when you walk down the snicket. They turn purple with heather in autumn, and all the green sets itself on fire. The sky today is blue, but with fluffy tufts of clouds, and the moon was still a silver shadow in the sky (can you tell my degree is creative writing?). Did I want to workout with weights, or walk? A “proper” workout would be one step closer to becoming to strong and toned person I wanted to be…but would it have made me happy? No. The weather will possibly change later on, and I won’t get this walk I desperately want. Damit, this morning is something I will never actually see again. It will never, ever be repeated- and I don’t want to miss that. So I went on a walk, and that made me happy. So happy, that I now look forward to (in place of my original workout) a yoga session, some planking, and maybe some basic weights. So happy, that I decided I appreciated myself enough to come home and cook porridge on the hob, instead of in the microwave. It’s a little thing, I know, but aren’t they usually the best?
My next point is all about careers, as opposed to fitness. My brother is looking at universities to study business, and when I was talking to him about it, he told me that university X was better than university Y because they told him their degree could see him on a higher starting salary. And it just about broke my heart. My brother is 17, and should be thinking about what is his passion as he chooses a uni. A good degree at university Y could see him on a higher salary than a mediocre degree from university X; it’s about what you put in to it. My degree could see me on the lowest starting salary, but that all depends on what I do with it. And I would much rather choose a job that makes me happy, and maybe doesn’t earn as well, than one which gives me cash to burn- but no time to enjoy it, and makes me dread getting up in the morning.
This week, I want you to really and truly think about what makes you happy. And go after it. Go after it with everything you have. Because we are here for a very short time, and if you aren’t happy in that time…that seems like a wasted life to me.

Have a great week everyone,

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