BBC Good Food & London Part 1

I can’t believe that as I’m typing I only have one day left in London, and one day left in the BBC Good Food offices. I’ve been looking forward to this placement for months, and it’s gone by in a bit of a whirlwind. As well as being the best work experience placement I have ever undertaken, this has also been my first visit to London- ever. So needless to say, I have been in awe of the city from day one. Which is exactly where I’ll need to start…
Day 1- Sunday 29/06/15

We’re all up early today, throwing our stuff into the car, and then heading towards the south by 8:30am. We spend the majority of the day travelling, until about 2pm when we arrive. I’m immedietly bowled over by the volume of traffic entering the city. I knew it would be busy, but I have never seen so many cars. Once we’re at the Premier Inn though we can explore on foot.

 My mum is staying with me for the first few days, and so we toddle from Hammersmith to Kensington High Street, in search of the Holy Grail of health food shops: Whole Foods. It is amazing. It is rammed with smoothies and juices and snacks and weird ingredients. However, due to my visit on Wednesday (we’ll get to that) I’ll be sticking with Holland & Barratt’s thanks.


We make a stop at Nando’s on the way back for something tasty (they now do sweet potato wedges!!), chill with face packs in the hotel room, and then fall into bed, exhausted.


Day 2- Monday 29/06/15 (FIRST DAY OF WORK!)
I wake up in time to see the sun rise over Hammersmith (unintentionally. It was 5am.). I do some yoga, grab a porridge pot and fruit that I brought with me, and then head to get iced coffee with my mum, before heading down to work. We get iced coffee at a little café opposite the hotel, called Eat Me Drink Me, and I love the kitsch design inside and counter full of delicious goodies. They also have a fro-yo machine with four different flavours and loads of toppings that I vow to later try out.

Before walking into Immediate Media Co., I won’t lie, I was absolutely terrified. Would I make a good impression? What if I couldn’t do the jobs they asked me to correctly? What if I wasn’t trusted to do anything? What if it was like Ugly Betty or Devil Wears Prada, and I had to sit pulling gum off of the editor’s shoes?? (I can’t imagine Gillian making me do that, she’s way too nice). I was given a “freelance” day pass, and told to wait for Holly to collect me from reception.

 A girl sat next to me nervously struck up conversation; she was going to be interviewed by one of the parenting magazines. Chatting to her (Elizabeth) put me slightly at ease, as did Holly when I met her, as she is lovely. I was given my own desk, and a pile of papers, from which I had to locate all food articles as my first job. Ink covered fingers later that job was complete, and I could move on to something else. I attend a meeting about the use of Pinterest for the BBC Good Food website, and also get to pull a transcript from an interview into sections. I have to correct the typed document, and then work the questions around the information collected to form the interview for the August piece on a famous food figure’s kitchen. As this is top secret magazine stuff I can’t tell you guys who it was. But she is VERY BIG in the social media world, and my jaw dropped when I found out who I got to read an unaltered interview with.

This evening I decide to explore the underground and make my way to Baker Street, and then Kings Cross. On the way back mum and I decide to get food at Wholefoods, which is in Kensington, so I’ll be able to get off the tube at South Kensington right? All of Kensignton is the same, right? Wrong. All of you Londoners are proabably howling with laughter. We get back on the train and end up in West Kensington. Still wrong. We walk back to Hammersmith because the tube is SO crowded.

Feet aching, we end up walking to a little Indian restaurant, and real find, Potli. It is just beyond the hotel, and serves stunning Indian Market Kitchen food at very reasonable prices. There will be a more detailed review going up later in the week, but I absolutely adored this place guys. The staff were brilliant- the kind who hold the chair out for you, spread napkins over your laps, call you ‘madam’ and like chatting about the menu. The sort of restaurant staff  I love. I order a chickpea curry, with rice and a salad to share, and I have to say, it was the best curry I’ve ever tasted. And I come from Bradford, known for its curry houses amongst, urm, other things…

And that ends my very first day of work experience guys- but keep your eyes open for Part Two, because it just gets better…


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