June Favourites 2015

Fage yoghurt pots (just the plain Greek yoghurt pots: super creamy and great for desserts when topped with fruit, PB, chopped naked bar, or honey)

Greek yoghurt with honey (every now and again I get really into a certain food combination: this was the one for June)
Falafel wrap (I bought this in Newark when their market was on, and wish I could remember what the stall was called- I think it was “Yamas”)
Nakd bars (easy snack to go, and as previously mentioned they’re great to top yoghurt with)
Meridian nut butters (I recently splashed out on the hazelnut one and it tastes like Ferrero Roche. My collection is rapidly growing)
Veggie recipes (since at the moment I’ve basically gone off all meat other than fish, I’ve become much more adventurous with my vegetarian options, both when cooking for myself, and when eating out)
The English Tea Shop Tea (I purchased the White Tea with Blueberry, and the Calming Blend recently, and have had the Energise Me variation for a while now).
Green tea (Lemon, cherry bakewell, coconut, mango, ginger and lime, jasmine…I’ve really gotten into my green tea)
Good Things Wild Strawberry and Fig Cleanser (In the hot weather this has been a life saver. It really feels as if it cleans my face, even removing mascara, but doesn’t strip my skin. Smells great too)
Baby lotion (I use this as a body moisturiser as it’s cheap, gentle, and smells pretty comforting. I also use it to remove makeup in the evening)
Flower pins (these gorgeous pins were used in the bridesmaid’s hair at my aunt’s wedding. I believe mine came from here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6-ROSE-HAIR-PINS-GRIPS-FLOWER-WEDDING-BRIDESMAID-ACCESSORIES-ALL-COLOURS-/331522904333 )
Tynemouth (Finally visisted here with two friends at the beginning of the month, and loved every single minute of it. Tynemouth is a beautiful, tranquil place with colourful houses and the smell of fish and chips in the air. You would never believe it was close to a city)
Newark (Another location! This was where my aunt’s wedding was. Newark is very old world, and has castle ruins, a stunning poppy field, and plenty of food places).
Candles (now I’m back home I have been reunited with my supply, and there is rarely a night when one isn’t lit.)

A Greedy Man in a Hungry World by Jay Rayner (highly informative and an interesting read for any foodie or anyone who thinks they know all regarding sustainability. You can read my full review here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/a-greedy-man-in-hungry-world-by-jay.html )

Reyes filter (The new Valencia. I love this one for selfies, as it accentuates my dark hair and pale eyes and skin. Think a softer antique, but not quite black and white)
Blog- Chocolate Covered Katie (I have loved this blog for a long time, but never actually mentioned it. For all things healthy, dessert related, and chocolate smothered check out her blog here: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/  )
IG- Carly Rowena (inspiring, motivational, colourful, funny, and always delivering exactly what I need an uncanny moments: https://instagram.com/carlyrowena   )
YouTube- Unnatural Vegan (This lady and her candid approach to all things vegan and unvegan has really educated me on the vegan diet, its pitfalls and advantages. She doesn’t take any shit, and is a billion miles away from some elitist vegans I could name, who actually give this cruelty reducing lifestyle a bad name. Check out her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FitOnRaw )
 You Tube Workout- Blogilates Pick Me Up Quickie Workout  (this one deserved a mention, because almost without realising I use it every week. If I have an incredibly busy morning but want a little exercise fuelled endorphin rush this is my go-to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PySN5tabiLQ )

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