Make Your Room a Happy Space

We all need our own space. My space is my bedroom, a place I can relax and just completely unwind (aka. put on really old baggy clothes and wear no makeup. Although that’s kind of how I live my life anyway.). I like to make my room suited to unwinding, but more so to making me happy in general; I keep motivational quotes up everywhere, and plenty of pictures. I want to feel like I can have loads of energy in this space, as well as just letting it all hang out at the end of the day though. My room being painted a pale blue is also extremely calming, and it’s been the same colour for as long as I can remember. Because as a colour, light blue stops me tearing my hair out.
How can you create a happy/motivational/positive space in your own room? Well, I have some tips for you- right through from beginning to decorate, to those little touches that make your person-cave that little bit more special…

Colour choice
I opted for a light blue paint for my walls because it encourages a tranquil atmosphere. It’s also my favourite colour. These are the two things I would bear in mind when choosing your paint: what do you want to get out of your room, and what is your favourite colour?
Maybe you want all of your walls the same colour, or one papered with a pattern. Perhaps you feel that vibrant green is an energising colour, but hate green and love pink? Go for bright pink walls if you’re feeling it. If this would be too intense, then maybe opt for a pale pink or cream paint on three walls, and then a patterned paper incorporating either pink (to add colour), or cream (to lower the intensity if you did pick pink walls) on the other wall. Bedding can also help with adding colour; if you aren’t keen on patterned paper, or want neutral coloured walls, then maybe go for a bright bedding. In keeping with the calm vibe of my room I went for cream, but then stacked on loads of coloured and patterned cushions. I also stack on patterned blankets when it gets cold, to make my bed into a colourful and cosy blanket fort. Just consider what you will continue to like for the longest time, and what the overall effect will be.

Keep it light and airy
When your room feels dark and cramped you may feel claustrophobic being sat in there. Get light into your room the moment you wake up to feel refreshed and awake, and open the window too if the room feels stuffy. Fresh air can actually make everything feel that little bit better, I think. Colour choice can also make a room seem bigger: lighter colours open a space up, and dark colours close the space in on itself. If you have a small room consider getting some larger wall mirrors too, as this can also open up a cramped space.

Storage, and keeping it tidy
No one wants to live amoungst old pizza boxes and piles of unorganised paper, or a carpet an inch deep in grime. This tip is particularly important if you’re working with a small space. Keep it tidy and your room will feel much more welcoming. Organisation helps with this. I know roughly what is in each draw in my room: books draws, a stationary draw, a recipe book draw, clothes draws, toiletries, hair, electricals…it helps me find stuff quickly. Get yourself some desk files to put folders and work in- I even have one to just pop letters and things I haven’t filed away yet.
If you want to feel motivated to workout in your room then build yourself a mini gym pile. Mine sits underneath my window and comprises my yoga mat, dumbbell weights, and then my ankle weights. If it’s on display then you’re more likely to use it.

Dimmer switches are great to give you more control over how bright the room is, and can be bought pretty cheaply. I also love fairy lights piled into milk bottles, jam jars, or vases, and LED candles…

…but normal candles are always going to be the best. Buy ones which have scents you love. I have a pretty big collection, so I can light whatever I’m feeling that particular moment.

Collages, pictures, and canvases
Homeware is one of my favourite sections in the shops, mainly because I can pick up canvases and pictures and nick nacks for my room. I often wander around TKMaxx staring at kitchen/living room things and imagining buying for my own apartment one day. But right now I head straight over to wall art. I tend to prefer photos blown up on canvas rather than paintings, and if you’re the same why not pay to have some of your own photos put onto canvases? Also, you can buy some cheap collage boards (the kind that come with glass or plastic covers) and create collages of inspirational quotes and pictures from Instagram and Pinterest. I have one inspiration board (see how I made this right here:  ), and then another one filled with my favourite pictures of family, and friends from both home and uni.

Motivational quotes
If you can’t afford a canvas then head over to somewhere like Paperchase and purchase a handful of inspirational postcards, I have these blue tacked all over the side of my wardrobe, and also had them on display in my university room.

Books and displays

It’s no secret that I am a huge bookworm, and so I keep most of my books on display above my desk. I also have a smaller shelf at the foot of my bed where I store my absolute favourite novels. Seeing things that you love, or that act as comforters, can make your room feel that little bit more welcoming. Not a book fan? Keep DVDs here, or a collection of framed photos, or your own art- anything that makes you feel happy when you look at it.

The happy jar
Keep a jar on your desk- a large one. Whenever something makes you happy, even if it’s a little thing (like waking up early enough to see the sun rise, or a funny text your friend sent you) write it on a scrap of paper, fold that paper up, and pop it into the jar. Next time you’re feeling down reach all the way to the bottom of the jar, take out a bit of paper, and have a read.


    Room spray
    Keeping a room spray with a relaxing scent is ideal to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. I have a lavender and chamomile spray from Avon, which I spray just before I hop into my bed, and it helps me to nod off. This is also something you can take from your room at home to uni, to make that dorm room feel a little more like home- you’ll associate the smell with being home, and hopefully feel more chilled out.

    This is such a little thing, that can make a huge difference. Buy your favourite flowers, or cut some from your garden if you have one (the roses on the right are from our garden and are only around a little while; they have the strongest most beautiful scent and colour). They add a splash of colour to your space, and also introduce a little bit of nature indoors. If you’re a guy feel free to artfully arrange some leaves, if that makes you feel more manly, but don’t be afraid to embrace your feminine side and buy some freesias or something.

    So those are my tips for making your room a more chilled out, and motivational, space. I hope that you enjoyed giving this a read, and also have fun re-arranging your space.

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